Homecoming Scotland 2014 – Welcoming back the Scottish Diaspora

From Kerrie Anne Christian

In Scotland, 2014 is a year of welcoming back the Scottish Diaspora from across the world – those whose families left to go to Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas, the Antipodes – Australia and New Zealand over the last 200 + years. It has already attracted my niece and nephew, Erin and Gavin Lock Lee, whose McKenzie, Newlands, and Tulloch ancestors left Scotland in 1837 on the William Nicol, Portland and Earl Durham respectively. 

Some of the activities planned are ….

As for the details of my own Scottish ancestry ?

On Mum’s side ? My great grandmother, Edith Florence Hicks, aka Nanna Joy, was a granddaughter of Alexander McKenzie and Ann McLean, who left the Gaelic speaking  Isle of Skye, in the Hebrides, on the William Nicol in 1837.  Initially they settled in the northern Illawarra Fairy Meadow – Para Meadows – Ellengowan area. Some stayed on, while others moved further afield, past Goulburn and even to Cowra.

Katrina Christian gt gt gt gt granddaughter of Alexander McKenzie and wife Ann McLean who came to Australia on the William Nicol from the Isle of Skye in 1837.

Katrina Christian wearing a McKenzie Clan Dress Tartan kilt in 2006. Katrina is a gt gt gt gt granddaughter of Alexander McKenzie and wife Ann McLean who came to Australia on the William Nicol from the Isle of Skye in 1837 – the  McKenzie Clan Dress Tartan kilt was brought back from Scotland by her parents in 1987.

Edith  Florence Hicks married John “Charles” Joy, grandson of John Newlands and his wife Ann Ure (daughter of Alexander Ure and Mary Brodie) – who were from Gorbals Lanark, on the south bank of the River Clyde in Glasgow Scotland – often described as a rough and “gritty” area – not so salubrious ! John Newlands and Ann Ure were only married for 6 weeks when they departed as Bounty Immigrants for Australia on the Portland in July 1837, arriving in December 1837. That year, 1254 people left Scotland and emigrated to Australia. The Bounty system, plus the instability in Canada and economic problems in the USA, led to more coming to Australia. There’s possibly even more Scottish in John Charles Joy’s heritage as  his other grandmother was Mary McKay, who married William Joy.

On Dad’s side ? There’s Jane (Jean) Waters nee MacDonald born in Scotland but location unknown – and also Tulloch, Taylor, Anderson & Urquart’s on the Barden-McCosker side, who are believed to be from Rothes Moray & Elgin. Shakespeare’s MacBeth killed Duncan, King of Scotland, near to Elgin nearly 1000 years ago! And today Elgin is also home to a few Scotch Whisky Distilleries, although Tulloch descendants established Tulloch Wines, in NSW’s Hunter Valley, after their ancestors came to Australia on the Earl Durham, another Bounty ship, in early 1838.

And indirectly from Scotland … Dad’s 2 x great grandfather, Samuel Weatherstone – London born … however his father, Adam Weatherstone,  was a Scot, believed to have been born in Edinburgh around 1769.

And my mother in law was descended from the Whitelaw’s – who were from Shotts, Lanarkshire, between Glasgow and Edinburgh.

No one has really tracked the families too far back in Scotland as yet though. Apparently it can get complicated trying to find records of marriages in Scotland as they had Irregular Marriages – from what I learned from Chris Paton at Unlock the Past at Parramatta RSL on  February 13 2014.

More challenges for the future !


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