Scottish Naming Patterns Revisited

Back in mid 2013, I did a post on Scottish naming patterns. I’d presumed that it had been used in our Illawarra McKenzie family.

However, now looking back, and knowing more names of our McKenzie forbears, descendants of AngusMcKenzie and Mary McIntosh, I am wondering …. to be honest I can’t see that our McKenzie’s followed this system strictly … even from the early 19th Century ?

Why ?

  • Well we could expect to see “Angus” as the name for the eldest sons of Alexander Snr, Alexander Jnr and Neil, and the second eldest son of Mary.
  • Alexander Jnr, Neil and Mary all named one of their sons “Angus” but Alexander Snr does not seem to have done so … one could conjecture if perhaps there was an earlier son born to Alexander Snr in Scotland named “Angus” who died before the departure from Skye in 1837 ?
  • However, the names “Donald” and “John” seemed to have been used by Alexander Snr, Alexander Jnr, Neil and Mary – so who might be the earlier “Donald” and “John” McKenzie’s further back in our McKenzie family tree ?
  • The pattern in daughters’ names seems even harder to discern – though “Mary” was used by Alexander Jnr, Neil and Mary for their daughters – but again Alexander Snr did not call any of his daughters by this name – unless there was an earlier daughter called “Mary” who died in Scotland, before they left in 1837 on the William Nicol ?
  • Or perhaps Alexander Snr chose not to follow the Scottish naming system at all – whereas his siblings used it to some degree ?
Alexander Snr  Alexander Jnr Neil Mary
Ewan Donald John Hugh
Donald John Donald Angus
John Angus Angus Donald
William Hugh Alexander John
Alexander Robert Hugh Charles
Thomas Duncan
Alexander Snr  Alexander Jnr Neil Mary
Euphemia Mary Sarah Catherine
Margaret Catherine Jessie Flora
Christina Agnes Mary Mary
Alexina Elizabeth Annie

I’m wondering what others think of this puzzle ?


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