Alexander Jnr

Note from Kerrie – My own family’s McKenzie’s are Alexander Jnr,  and his wife first wife Ann McKenzie (nee McLean), via their daughter Mary Ann Hicks nee McKenzie.

Alexander McKenzie, b. 1803 i1803-1805?) on the Isle of Skye?, d. 17-09-1891 in of dropsy suffered for 5 months at Belmore, Canowindra, buried 29-09-1891 in Presbyterian Cem, Cowra.  Belmore is now called Moorbel/Morbell.  He is also known to have been at Glen Logan. Alexander married (1) Ann MacLean, 31-12-1829 in Sleat (Armadale?), Isle of Skye, Cty Inverness, b. ??-??-1808 in of Calgary,Isle of Mull, Argyllshire, d. ??-06-1846 in Berkeley, buried 30-06-1846 in Parish of Wollongong.  Anne: Annie? or born Caligarry, Sleat, Isle of Skye. Note Ann’s NSW BDM entry is under Ann Mc Kinzie.

Alexander arrived in Australia in 1837 on the “William Nicol” from the Isle of Skye Scotland, with his first wife Ann McLean and their four older children – Daniel, Donald, Alexander and John – another four children, Mary, Catherine, Angus & Agnus,  were born to them in the Illawarra – making eight children in total.

After Ann McKenzie (McLean) died in 1846, Alexander remarried to Elizabeth Hanks. They were to have 10 children, of which nine survived to adulthood – Elizabeth, Robert, Hugh, Thomas, Anne, Flora, Charles, Archibald, Christina.

Alexander and second wife Elizabeth moved to the Taralga Crookwell area about 1863, before probably moving to the Grenfell area by about 1873, and then to Canowindra – Cowra area by 1882.

Alexander McKenzie Jnr lived in Wollongong, Fairy Meadow, Spring Hill Estate, then on the Berkeley Estate, before moving north to Bulli -Woonona area – see green bordered area in the map below.  Note – although the information in the timeline below refers to Bulli, I have found that Alexander McKenzie Jnr  had purchased 200-300 acres of land from the Campbell’s in 1854 – however this land was on the southern side of Woonona. For many years in the 19th Century, Bulli and Woonona were used inter-changeably at times.

Mckenzie Estate Woonona

Later Alexander moved to Taralga, and it appears that son, John, was the only one of Alexander McKenzie Jnr’s children who remained in the Taralga area. John and his wife Rebecca had eleven children in the Taralga area, ten of whom survived to adulthood. However only two of these remained in the Taralga area, viz Hugh and Archibald.

By the mid 1870’s Alexander McKenzie Jnr had possibly moved to Grenfell, and then onto the Cowra/Canowindra area by 1882, where he remained until his death in 1891.

Below is a map showing some of the locations where the McKenzie Jnr family have lived and/or married 1863 – 1900 : Taralga, Crookwell, Grenfell, Forbes, Cowra and Canowindra …. note Moorbel is slightly to the north east of Canowindra.Mckenzie Jnr map Taralga to Canowindra

Map below with red arrow shows the location of Glen Logan railway station north of Cowra – Alexander McKenzie Jnr lived in the Glen Logan area at the time of his 1891 death.

Glen Logan

A timeline of Alexander McKenzie Jnr ‘s history in the NSW Colony in the Illawarra, Grenfell and Cowra/Canowindra/Glen Logan areas from 1837 to 1891 :

  • Illawarra
  • 1837 – Wollongong – with family on T Thompson’s property in Wollongong (source Don MacKenzie “Over the Sea from Skye”)
  • 1839 – Fairy Meadow – birth of daughter  Mary
  • 1841 – Spring Hill Estate – 1841 Census
  • 1842 – Berkeley Estate – Jenkins Family – birth of daughter  Catherine
  • 1843 – Spring Hill Estate – birth of twins  Angus and Agnus
  • 1846 – Spring Hill Estate – death of wife Ann McKenzie nee McLean
  • 1849 – Alexander McKenzie Jnr remarried to Elizabeth Hanks
  • 1850 – Balgownie – birth of daughter Elizabeth
  • 1851 – Balgownie – birth of son Robert
  • 1853 – Balgownie – birth of son Hugh
  • 1853 – son Donald married Nancy McIntyre in Appin
  • 1854 – Bulli – Alexander McKenzie Jnr purchases 200- 300 acres of land on the south side of Woonona (note Woonona and Bulli were used interchangeably at this time).
  • 1854 – Bulli – birth of son Thomas
  • 1855 – 1856 – Alexander McKenzie Jnr is listed on the electoral roll as being a Freehold landowner at Bulli
  • 1856 – Bulli – birth & death of unnamed child
  • 1857 – Bulli – Alexander McKenzie Jnr is listed as a subscriber and committee member of the Illawarra Agricultural Society
  • 1858 – 1860 – Bulli – various political meetings held at Alexander’s house
  • 1858 – Bulli – birth of daughter Anne
  • 1858 – Bulli – public meeting on the Bulli Road is held at Alexander’s home
  • 1858 – Bulli – public notice of lost cow in Illawarra Mercury mentioning Alexander McKenzie and son John McKenzie – 1,
  • 1858 – Bulli – obituaries for Neil McKenzie refers to a brother Alexander McKenzie of Bulli
  • 1859 – Bulli – public notice of a horse to stand for breeding purposes at Alexander’s home
  • 1859 – Bulli – public notices of a John McKenzie of Bulli closing and then resuming his butchery business – Alexander’s son ?
  • 1859 – 1860 – Bulli – Alexander McKenzie and John McKenzie of Bulli are listed in a political advertisement(s) in the Illawarra Mercury – 12,
  • 1860 – Bulli – birth of daughter Flora
  • 1860 – Northern Illawarra –  possibly Alexander’s son, a J McKenzie is part of a Northern Illawarra team led by H Hicks (his future brother in law ?) at the Anniversary Day Cricket Match – 1,
  • 1861 – Bulli – birth of son Charles
  • 1861 – Bulli – marriage of daughter Mary to Henry Thomas Hicks at Alexander McKenzie Jnr’s home
  • 1861 – Bulli – marriage of daughter Catherine to John Ross at Alexander McKenzie Jnr’s home
  • 1862 – Bulli – birth of son Archibald
  • 1862 – Woonona –  Alexander McKenzie Jnr offers land for a School of Arts building – 12,
  • 1862 – Bulli – Alexander McKenzie Jnr is part of a public meeting for a proposed local National School
  • 1862 – 1863 – Bulli – sale(s) of Alexander McKenzie’s land – possibly due to mortgage foreclosures
  • 1862 – 1863 – Alexander McKenzie Jnr left the Illawarra to move to the Taralga area – John is the only one of the children of Alexander’s first marriage that is known to have accompanied his father – son Donald (1853) and daughters Anne (Hicks) (1861) and Catherine (Ross) (1861) were already married; the whereabouts of twins Angus & Agnus are unknown after their 1844 baptisms; sons Daniel and Alexander are believed to have gone gold mining in New Zealand, possibly by 1858 as only John is listed in the 1858 – 1860 political meetings and the public notices for the lost cow
  • 1863 – Thomas Hale of Bulli Woonona Testimonial – possibly son John McKenzie was a contributor
  • Taralga
  • 1863 – birth of youngest child Christina b 1863 Taralga, Goulburn – daughter of Alexander McKenzie Jnr and his second wife  Elizabeth Hanks
  • 1865 – son John married Rebecca Rook  in the Church of Scotland, Redbank, Taralga,
  • 1866 – birth and death of son John’s first child, Sarah McKenzie
  • 1867 – birth of son John’s second child, John Alexander McKenzie, often known as Alex – his birth and death were both registered as John Alexander McKenzie however – he had left the Taralga area by 1913
  • 1869 – birth of son John’s third child, George William McKenzie at Marmont Flat, Taralga – he had left the Taralga area by 1900
  • 1871 – birth of son John’s fourth child, Donald McKenzie at Marmont Flat, Taralga – he had left the Taralga area by 1893 – 1894
  • 1872 – Grevilles Postal Directory for Taralga has an Alex McKenzie and John McKenzie at Marmont’s Flat, West Richlands, Taralga – 1, 2,
  • Grenfell
  • 1873 Alexander McKenzie Jnr may have moved to Grenfell – there is a reference in Trove to an Alexander McKenzie in Grenfell in 1873 – 1?
  • 1874 – birth of son John’s fifth child Angus McKenzie at Marmont Flat, Taralga – he had left the Taralga area by 1919
  • 1875  – birth of son John’s sixth child known as John and whose birth was registered as John McKenzie and his electoral roll registrations later showed him as John Alexander McKenzie, curious considering it is the same name as his eldest brother. He was living at Narromine by 1930, and it is uncertain when he had left the Taralga district
  • 1876 – Alexander McKenzie Jnr and wife Elizabeth Hanks with their children, seem to have left Taralga by 1876,  noting the marriage of their daughter Elizabeth to Robert Smart Adams in 1876, and then another daughter Ann‘s later marriage in Grenfell in 1879 .
  • 1877 – in Trove there is  reference to an  A McKenzie in Grenfell in 1877-  1.
  • 1879 – marriage of Alexander McKenzie Jnr and Elizabeth Hanks’ daughter Anne  to James Hamilton in Grenfell
  • 1880 – son Thomas  married Mary O’Connor in Forbes
  • Cowra / Canowindra/ Glen Logan
  • 1882 – son Archibald married in Cowra to Selina Annie Hannan
  • 1884 – son Charles married in Cowra to Ellen Hannan
  • 1886 – son Hugh married Flora Ann McRae in Canowindra
  • 1886 – daughter Christina married in Cowra to Henry William Williams
  • 1886 – death of Alexander McKenzie Jnr‘s second wife Elizabeth Hanks in Cowra
  • 1891 – daughter Flora  married Jacob Castle in Cowra in 1891
  • 1891 – death of Alexander McKenzie Jnr in in the  Belmore / Glen Logan area around Cowra Canowindra area – by this time he had acquired a property at Glen Logan (1, ),




11 Responses to Alexander Jnr

  1. Jenny Watson (born Nean) says:

    My great grandmother was Mary Ann McKenzie and she married Bernardo Contessa. Their eldest son, Bernard – who married Barbara Ellen Skerry – was my grandfather. Mary Ann’s parents were Donald McKenzie and Nancy McIntyre. Donald was the son of Alexander Jnr. McKenzie. I have been researching family history for approx. 20 years now and it has just about taken over my life!!

    • Ross McKenzie says:

      Hello Jenny.

      I am Ross McKenzie. Mary Ann’s younger brother Donald McKenzie (b 1860) is my great grandfather. I knew his eldest son, also Donald, as my grandfather when they lived in the Adelong Creek valley (NSW). One of my father’s closest friends was Steve Contessa, married to Kath, who lived on the other side of the valley. Steve and Kath’s eldest son Keith and I used to play cards as 10 year olds (circa 1959) when my family visited Nana and Pa. After my parents died in 1999 & 2000 in northern NSW, I called in on Steve and Kath on the way home to Melbourne. They still lived in the valley. They were both in fine form and very welcoming. Sadly they have both passed on now. I have a photograph of Mary Ann’s brother Donald and all of his children taken shortly after his wife, Christina Murray had died in 1897. If you would like a copy my email is

    • Shirley Hedditch says:

      Think we could be related??

    • thanks for this information Jenny Watston – I have finally added it to the web page

  2. Shirley Hedditch (nee Mckenzie) says:

    I am a descendant of Alexander jnr( I think) and ann Mcleod, fourth son Donald married to Rebecca rook, I understand had 12 children. I am granddaughter of youngest son Charles who was a farmer in molong nsw and died at a young age. Would be interested in further family family information. Thanks Shirley
    0418 432 849

  3. Ross McKenzie says:

    Hello Shirley. I have just now (28 Feb 2017) received two emails containing your posts above. There is obviously something very wrong with this site. I have submitted corrections to Kerrie Anne but received no receipt. According to this site, Rebecca Rook married a John McKenzie… not Donald. There is a page here
    My email is above if you wish to contact that way. Ross McKenzie

  4. Ross McKenzie says:

    Thank you for the very quick reply Kerrie Anne. Should I resubmit my emails?

    • hi Ross
      I’ve tried to do the fixes and amendments you suggested.
      I’ve also checked the Dropbox links to Don’s McKenzie book – I am hoping they will be okay as fortunately I did originally set them up as shared public links from my Dropbox Public Folder.
      I don’t think that aspect is changing on March 15 2017 when Dropbox converts all users’ public folders to Private, ie shared public links to specific files are still supposed to be okay, just the full sharing which allows others to do editing etc is being dropped.

  5. Ross McKenzie says:

    Thanks Kerrie Anne. I will review later tonight or tomorrow. I have my own “swamp” to drain today. Cheers, Ross

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