Elizabeth Hanks’ Children

It has long been believed that following the death of Alexander McKenzie’s first wife Ann McLean that he remarried to Elizabeth Hanks and that there were a number of children of Alexander’s second marriage. The evidence of Alexander’s second marriage and the children of the marriage, as well as the connecting of the children of his first and second marriages, ie Mary (first marriage) and Hugh (second marriage) is shown in the following documents :

The document below is believed to have been the marriage certificate of Alexander McKenzie (MacKenzie) and his second wife Elizabeth Hanks in 1849. Note that it was performed by Reverend Tait who had been a Minister in the Illawarra in the 1830’s.

Alexander Mckenzie E Hanks marriage

And the death certificate of Alexander Hicks mentioning his second wife Elizabeth Hanks – unfortunately his first wife was not included

Alexander (Jun) Mckenzie Death Certificate

A newspaper item of 1891 mentioning Alexander McKenzie’s death – note it refers to the daughter of his first marriage, Mary Ann McKenzie, who married Henry Thomas Hicks.

Death Notice - Alexander McKenzie - Canowindra

A letter dated 1908 written on behalf of Mary Ann Hicks nee McKenzie daughter of  Alexander’s first marriage – sent to Flora the widow of Mary’s step brother Hugh who died in 1908.

Letter from Mary Ann - Alice Hicks to Flora McKenzie

Alexander McKenzie and Elizabeth Hanks children were believed to be as follows – though there has been some questioning of the information in regard to Maud and this has begun to be reviewed.

  • Elizabeth b 1850 Balgownie, NSW d. 5.12.1935 in Penrith buried at Mulgoa –  m. 1876  in Grenfell to Robert Smart Adams – 9 children
    • Maude Evelyn Adams, b. 1877 in Grenfell not Granville (thanks to John Morris for this correction). Maude married in Murrumburrah (NSW BDM 5084/1894) to John Joseph Augustus Okeefe, b. 1871. (Questions had been raised about this information and  a review has commenced – thanks to John Morris for seeking the clarification)
      • Myrtle Elizabeth Lorraine Okeefe, b. 1895 in Gundagai, d. 1976. She married Unknown Primmer.
    • Lillie May Adams, b. 1879 in Waterloo, d. 1924 in Lithgow. She married Patrick Joseph Bend, married 1906 in Wellington, b. 1883 in Wellington, d. 1949 in QLD.
    • Henry Mckenzie Smart Adams, b. 2-07-1881 in Temora, d. 6-07-1947 in Concord. He married Lilly Clarissa Ungley, married 1920 in Haberfield, b. 7-08-1896 in Holborn, Middlesex, England, d. 8-10-1962 in Burwood.
      • Harrie Newton Adams, b. 14-08-1941, d. 11-06-1993.
    • Robert Adams, b. 1884 in Albury, d. 1884 in Albury.
    • Myrtle B Adams, b. 1887 in Wagga Wagga, d. 1903 in Cumberland.
    • Newton Walter Adams, b. 1890 in Wagga Wagga, d. 1966 in Burwood.
    • Albert A R Adams, b. 1893 in Wagga Wagga, d. 1893 in Wagga Wagga.
    • Leslie Thomas Markham Adams, b. 18-10-1894 in Gundagai, d. 23-10-1957 in Sutherland. 3 children. He served in  WW1 19th Battalion – POW and married (1) Margaret Shaw Ramsey of Glasgow, married 19.3.1919 in Scotland, b. 1898 in Kirkintilloch, Dunbartonshire, Scotland, d. 25-02-1925 in Lithgow. He married (2) Pearl Atteal Burton, married 23-02-1929 in Lithgow, b. 29-07-1895 in Hazelgrove, d. 8-04-1970 in Sylvania.
      • Jessie Adams, (daughter of Leslie Thomas Markham Adams and Margaret Shaw Ramsey) b. 25-01-1920 in Penrith, d. 15-10-2001 in Wollongong.
      • Robert Joseph Adams, (son of Leslie Thomas Markham Adams and Margaret Shaw Ramsey) b. 28-03-1921 in NSW, d. 29-04-2007 in Bundaberg, QLD. He married Lillian May Thursby, b. 27-12-1911 in Maitland.
    • Uncertain about a 9th child reported by Ted Finn ?
  • Robert b 1851 Balgownie, NSW – d 1915 Rockhampton Queensland – married Frances Madeline Ang Wong in 1888 in Queensland (daughter of Thomas Ang Wong and Emma Welton).
  • Hugh (son of Alexander (Jun) McKenzie and Elizabeth Hanks) b. 17-01-1853 in Balgownie, d. 12-06-1908 in Belmore, Canowindra. Died of Pneumonia. He married Flora Ann McRae, married 17-03-1886 in Canowindra, Presbyterian, b. 26-02-1863 in Evans Plains, d. 09-06-1938 in Morbell,
    • Isabel Elithar Flora McKenzie, b. 1887 in Molong, d. 22-06-1969 in Canowindra
    • Elizabeth Mary McKenzie, b. 1888 in Molong, d. 18-03-1960 in Canowindra
    • Eva Annie McKenzie, b. 1890 in Molong, d. 3-04-1968 in Canowindra. She married John J Daly, married 1925 in Canowindra.
      • Keith John Daly.
      • Max Oswald Daly, b. 5-05-1930, d. 17-10-1994.
    • Laura Eliza Julia McKenzie, b. 1891 in Canowindra, d. 18-03-1960 in Canowindra.
    • Alexander Hugh McKenzie, b. 1894 in Canowindra, d. 1972 in Hindmarsh, Adelaide, SA. He married Vera May Peek, married 1924 in Moss Vale, b. 1897 in Armidale, d. 1967 in Robe, SA. 
    • Aubrey Stewart McKenzie, b. 1904 in Canowindra, d. 1966 in Wagga Wagga. 4 children including
      • Ida May (1928 – 1982),
      • Colin John Stewart (22/12/1936 – 14/5/2007)
      • Flora Ann (1938 – 1940). He married Hilda May McLachlan, married 1928 in Glebe, b. 1899 in Glen Innes.
    • Ida Maude McKenzie, b. 1908 in Canowindra, d. 18-10-1953 in Canowindra.

Following Hugh’s death in 1908, his widow, Flora Ann McKenzie, was granted approval for the following application

Gazette. Notices. The following application for residential lease has been approved:— Flora Ann McKenzie (widow}. Canowindra, portion 179 of 3a 3r 39p, parish of Collett, Canowindra mineral field, from 9 th November, 1910, to 8 th November, 1924, at annual rent of £1. The lessee is to hold a miner’s right during the currency of the lease, and shall keep the land free from briars and noxious weeds. The land is in Boree (?) Shire. The gold lease under the Mining Act of 1874, of J McMahon and others, Cargo, 8 acres in the parish of Cargo, has been cancelled, and the land is now available, (unless held under some other title, for occupation in terms of the Mining Act of 1906. A Crown Land Sale of town allot ments is to be hold at Canowindra today (Friday). ” – Source Gazette, Notices. (1910, November 25). Canowindra Star and Eugowra News (NSW : 1910 – 1922), p. 1. 


Approval has been given to the purchase of the land comprised in the undermentioned residential lease :—Land District of ‘Molong, portion 172, parish Collett, county Ashburnham; area, 3a. 3r, 39p ;   -proposed grantee, Flora Ann McKenzie; appraised value of land, £35 18s l1d. – Source AND NEWS AND NOTES. (1921, October 29). Molong Express and Western District Advertiser (NSW : 1912 – 1922), p. 3. 

  • Thomas b 1854 Bulli, NSW  d. 1938 in Newtown.  He married Mary O’Connor, married 5-10-1880 in Forbes, b. 1860 in Surry Hills, d. 1927 in Newtown.
    • Thomas Alexander MacKenzie, b. 1881 in Greenfell, d. 1897 in Newtown.
    • Elizabeth Johanna MacKenzie, b. 1882 in Newtown, d. 1961 in Picnic Point.
    • Florence MacKenzie, b. 1887 in Newtown, d. 1957 in Newtown. She married Percy Frank Hudson, b. 1883 in Camperdown, d. 1960 in Rockdale.
    • Alice May MacKenzie, b. 17-03-1891 in Enmore, d. 28-11-1973 in Willandra Convalescent Hospital, Marrickville.  8 children. She married Francis John Key, married 28-04-1912 in St. Mary’s Church, Erskineville, b. 21-09-1890 in Newtown, d. 6-09-1966 in Newtown.
    • Winifred Mary MacKenzie, b. 13-04-1893 in Grenfell, d. 1956 in Newtown.  7 children. She married George Stewart Neil, married 18-07-1914 in St Marys Church Erskineville, b. 1890 in Young (Nubba), d. 12-03-1945 in Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Camperdown.
    • Evelyn MacKenzie, b. 1898 in Newtown. She married Norman Smith Parkes, married 11-08-1913 in St Marys Church Erskineville, b. 1892 in Canterbury, d. 1919 in Wollongong.
    •  James Francis McKenzie, b. ??-09-1897 in Newtown, d. 1964 in Bankstown.He married Marjorie Ross, married 31-12-1922 in Woollahra, b. 20-01-1900 in Adelong.
      •  Thomas Francis McKenzie, b. in NSW, d. in NSW.
      • Marjorie Frances McKenzie, b. 1920.
    • Edith Gladys MacKenzie, b. 24-04-1899 in Newtown, d. 1999 in Croydon. She married Arthur John Wilson, married 1922 in St Peters.
    • Mary D MacKenzie, b. 1901 in Newtown, d. 1971 in Newtown. She married Albert James H. Marsh, married 1925, b. 1893 in Mudgee, d. 1970 in St Leonards.
  • Unnamed male b. 1856 Bulli d. 1856 Bulli
  • Anne b 1858 Bulli, NSW d. 6.7.1936 Old Bonalbo buried at Old Bonalbo – m. 28.09.1879 to James Hamilton – in Grenfell, NSW, b. 7-04-1840 in Ardbarron, Tyrone, Ireland, d. 10-07-1922 in Inglewood, QLD.  James: Descended from Earl of Abercorn.
    • Elizabeth Jane Hamilton, b. 8-01-1880 in Parkes, d. 10-05-1959 in Brisbane, Qld.  11 Children. She married George Mills, married 5-01-1901 in Wellington, NSW, b. 16-12-1872 in Omigal, d. 20-07-1957 in Brisbane, Qld.
    • Arthur Gordon Hamilton, b. 20-02-1881 in Cowra Flats, d. 1956 in Old Bonalbo.  1 child. He married Mary Cromie, married 1909 in Casino, b. 1882 in Sydney.  Mary: BDM has a marriage to Minnie E Cromie in 1909 at Casino.
      • James David Hamilton, b. 7-10-1910 in Casino.
      • Annie Hamilton, b. 13-12-1911 in Casino, d. in Lismore.  4 children. She married Cedric Rupert Charles Keys, married 1935 in Casino, b. 1905 in Bowral, d. ??-11-1987 in Lismore.
      • Minnie Agnes Hamilton, b. 27-02-1914 in Casino, d. 2011 in Lismore.  2 children. She married Fred Hillis Irvin, married 1936 in Casino, d. 20-06-1978 in Bonalbo Hospital.
      • Amelia May Hamilton, b. 24-12-1916 in Casino, d. 26-01-2007 in Lismore.  4 children.She married William Arthur Keys, married 1943 in Casino.
    • Ada Emily Hamilton, b. 18-06-1882 in Cowra, d. 14-12-1946 in Liverpool. She married George Goss, married 5-11-1904 in Lismore.
    • Esther Alice Hamilton, b. 11-02-1884 in Cowra, d. 17-08-1950 in Gloucester.  3 children. She married William Henry Hayter, married 2-08-1905 in Casino, b. 1885 in Lismore, d. 15-11-1954 in Ballina.
      • James William Malcom Hayter, b. 23-01-1906 in Casino, d. 1967 in Muswellbrook.
      • Mary Jessme/Jesame Hayter. She married (1) Charles Robert Newton, married 1937 in Gloucester, b. 1885 in Stroud, d. 1941 in Gloucester. She married (2) Cecil Hadley, married 1948 in Gloucester.
      • Donald Alexander W Hayter, b. 1917 in Canley Vale, d. 23-11-1922 in Bellingen.
    • Wallace Dudley Hamilton, b. 1885 in Cowra, d. 30-08-1947 in Chinchilla, QLD.
    • John Alexander Hamilton, b. 1887 in Cowra, d. 30-08-1947 in Chinchilla
    • Flora Hamilton, b. 1888 in Cowra, d. 8-07-1889 in Cowra.
    •  Donald Bruce Hamilton, b. 20-03-1890 in Cowra, d. 15-08-1980 in Brisbane, Qld. He married Grace Janet McKenzie, married 17-05-1922 in QLD, b. 10-10-1899 in Rockhampton, QLD, d. 22-11-1988 in Brisbane, Qld.
    •  Amelia May Hamilton, b. 1891 in Cowra, d. 8-09-1977 in Maryborough, QLD.
    • Cecilia Olive Hamilton, b. 20-12-1893 in Cowra Flat, d. 11-02-1984 in Brisbane, Qld. She married Walter Ernest Dwyer, married 18-04-1919 in Canley Vale, b. 10-08-1884 in Moree, d. 28-09-1956 in Concord.
      • Dudley Arthur Dwyer, b. 1921 in NSW, d. 9-08-2005 in Brisbane, Qld.
      • Joseph Montague “Monte” Dwyer, b. 26-03-1918 in Sydney, d. 4-09-1942 in Kokoda or Milne Bay, PNG, WW2.
      • Noel Ernest Dwyer, b. 26-01-1923 in Sydney, d. 2003 in Newcastle.
      • Joy Esperance Dwyer, b. 25-10-1925 in Canley Vale.
      • Unknown Dwyer.
      • Norman John Dwyer, b. 1-01-1933 in Canley Vale, d. 28-07-1999 in Warwick, QLD.
    • Ivy Joan Hamilton, b. 17-01-1897 in West Wyalong, d. 4-07-1987 in Warwick, QLD. She married (1) Richard Wright, married 25-12-1929 in Liverpool, b. 1893 in West Wyalong. She married (2) Unknown.
      • Adelle Constance Wright, (daughter of Unknown and Ivy Joan Hamilton) b. 1919, d. 1975.
  • Flora b 1860 Bulli, NSW d.1942 Cowra married Jacob Castle in 1891 – 4 children
    • Elizabeth Harriet Castle, b. 1891 in Cowra, d. 6-08-1994 in Gladesville. She married Jonathan Charles Blenkinsopp, married 1915 in Waverley, b. 1893 in Leichhardt, d. 22-11-1972 in Ryde District.
    • Linda Alice Castle, b. 1894 in Cowra, d. 1964 in Sutherland. She married George Melville, married 1921 in Bathurst.
    • Alfred George Castle, b. 20-01-1896 in Cowra, d. 5-06-1975 in Cowra.  2 children. He married Rose Swan, married 1924 in Wellington, b. 2-10-1898 in District of Bathurst, d. 1966 in Gladesville.
    • Alan Valentine Castle, b. 16-02-1898 in Cowra, d. 5-02-1939 in Carcoar
  • Charles b 1861 Bulli, NSW d. 1928 Orange d. 3.6.1928 Cudal buried Orange – m. 1884  in Cowra to Ellen Hannan – 5 children.. From Jenny McKenzie : “There appeared to be little detail listed about on Elizabeths Son Charles Mckenzie who was my 2nd great Grandfather, married to Ellen Hannan.1884 at Cowra. Ellen b 1865-d 1941 They had Children Annie M Mckenzie b 1887 Charles F Mckenzie b 1889-1971 Angus Mckenzie 1892 -1977 Robert Mckenzie 1894-1959
    Charles Frederick 2nd son was my Great Grandfather and Married Edith Clara Hazell 1911 in which I have a copy of the Marriage Certifcate”
  • Archibald b 1862 Bulli d 1941 Marrickville m. 1882 in Cowra to Selina Annie Hannan – 6 children
  • Christina b 1863 Taralga, Goulburn She married 1886 in Cowra, Henry William Williams b. 1859 in Lane Cove, d. 1945 in Glebe.
    • Irene E Williams, b. 1893 in Newtown.
    • Stella Anne Williams, b. 10-01-1895 in Newtown, d. 13-12-1958 in Sydney. She married Stanley Willis Prince, b. 14-10-1886 in Refern, d. 1-06-1958 in Burwood
      • Unknown Prince
      • Joyce Aline Prince, b. 12-12-1918 in Enmore, d. 27-11-2008 in Yass
      • Althea Elsie “Boo” Prince, b. 1920 in Sydney, d. 21-12-2010 in Bundaberg, QLD
    • George A Williams, b. 1896 in St Peters
    • Henry A Williams, b. 1898 in St Peters
    • Elsie C Williams, b. 1898 in St Peters

See their father’s death certificate – note details of the children of Alexander’s first marriage to Ann McLean were not recorded on the death certificate.

Alexander (Jun) Mckenzie Death Cert

Note : Elizabeth McKenzie nee Hanks is believed to have been a member of the HANKS family who arrived in Sydney in September 1839 per “Bussorah Merchant”. On the ship were Phoebe HANKS, aged 47, needlewoman from Nailsworth, Gloucestershire. Travelling with her were her 3 children:

1. James b.c 1818
2. Eliza b.c. 1820 – this is Elizabeth McKenzie nee Hanks
3. Thomas b.c. 1822

Details on Elizabeth’s brothers :

  • James ( b. 1818 – d. 1898) married in Sydney to MARY STEWART/STUART ( – d. 1902 Parramatta)  in Sydney in May 1848 – both buried in the family plot in St John’s Cemetery, Parramatta.
    • John born 1849 in South Australia; and
    • Phoebe born in 1853 in Sydney.
  • Thomas (b 1822 – December 1891 East Maitland) in January 1850 in Maitland married Harriet OAKLEY nee MITCHELL ( – April 1901 East Maitland). They were both buried in the Methodist Cemetery, East Maitland.
    • Thomas Charles, (March 1856 – October 1931 East Maitland) married in March 1880 in Maitland to Emma TACON ( –   August 1948).

Other names associated with this HANKS family are:



3 Responses to Elizabeth Hanks’ Children

  1. Jenny Mckenzie says:

    There appeared to be little detail listed about on Elizabeths Son Charles Mckenzie who was my 2nd great Grandfather, married to Ellen Hannan.1884 at Cowra. Ellen b 1865-d 1941 They had Children Annie M Mckenzie b 1887 Charles F Mckenzie b 1889-1971 Angus Mckenzie 1892 -1977 Robert Mckenzie 1894-1959
    Charles Frederick 2nd son was my Great Grandfather and Married Edith Clara Hazell 1911 in which i have a copy of the Marriage Certifcate

  2. jacob backs says:

    Hi Came across this article when looking at my family from Nailsworth, Gloucestershire Uk. I know nothing regarding Elizabeth Hanks but I do know there was a family called Hanks living in Nailsworth at least until the 1970s as I went to school with them.

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