Anne McKenzie

Anne McKenzie, (daughter of Alexander (Jun) McKenzie and Elizabeth Hanks) b. 25-04-1858 in Bulli, d. 16-07-1936 in Duck Creek, Old Bonalbo, NSW.

She married James Hamilton, married 28-09-1879 in Grenfell, NSW, b. 7-04-1840 in Ardbarron, Tyrone, Ireland, d. 10-07-1922 in Inglewood, QLD.  James: Descended from Earl of Abercorn.

(Note from Kerrie Anne Christian – Anne McKenzie’s sister Elizabeth McKenzie was also married in Grenfell in 1876 to Robert Smart Adams. This raises the question of whether their parents, Alexander McKenzie and wife Elizabeth Hanks, were living with their family in Grenfell in the 1870’s ? In Trove there are several references to an Alexander McKenzie and an A McKenzie in Grenfell in 1873 and 1877- 1, 2). This could potentially place the McKenzie family in Grenfell in between the period that they lived in Taralga by 1863, and in Cowra/ Canowindra by 1882 ?)

1.    Elizabeth Jane Hamilton, b. 8-01-1880 in Parkes, d. 10-05-1959 in Brisbane, Qld.  11 Children.

She married George Mills, married 5-01-1901 in Wellington, NSW, b. 16-12-1872 in Omigal, d. 20-07-1957 in Brisbane, Qld.

2.    Arthur Gordon Hamilton, b. 20-02-1881 in Cowra Flats, d. 1956 in Old Bonalbo.  1 child.

He married Mary Cromie, married 1909 in Casino, b. 1882 in Sydney.  Mary: BDM has a marriage to Minnie E Cromie in 1909 at Casino.

a.    James David Hamilton, b. 7-10-1910 in Casino.


b.    Annie Hamilton, b. 13-12-1911 in Casino, d. in Lismore.  4 children.

She married Cedric Rupert Charles Keys, married 1935 in Casino, b. 1905 in Bowral, d. ??-11-1987 in Lismore.

c.    Minnie Agnes Hamilton, b. 27-02-1914 in Casino, d. 2011 in Lismore.  2 children.

She married Fred Hillis Irvin, married 1936 in Casino, d. 20-06-1978 in Bonalbo Hospital.

d.    Amelia May Hamilton, b. 24-12-1916 in Casino, d. 26-01-2007 in Lismore.  4 children.

She married William Arthur Keys, married 1943 in Casino.

3.    Ada Emily Hamilton, b. 18-06-1882 in Cowra, d. 14-12-1946 in Liverpool.

She married George Goss, married 5-11-1904 in Lismore.

4.    Esther Alice Hamilton, b. 11-02-1884 in Cowra, d. 17-08-1950 in Gloucester.  3 children.

She married William Henry Hayter, married 2-08-1905 in Casino, b. 1885 in Lismore, d. 15-11-1954 in Ballina.

a.    James William Malcom Hayter, b. 23-01-1906 in Casino, d. 1967 in Muswellbrook.


b.    Mary Jessme/Jesame Hayter.

She married (1) Charles Robert Newton, married 1937 in Gloucester, b. 1885 in Stroud, d. 1941 in Gloucester.

She married (2) Cecil Hadley, married 1948 in Gloucester.

c.    Donald Alexander W Hayter, b. 1917 in Canley Vale, d. 23-11-1922 in Bellingen.


5.    Wallace Dudley Hamilton, b. 1885 in Cowra, d. 30-08-1947 in Chinchilla, QLD.


6.    John Alexander Hamilton, b. 1887 in Cowra, d. 30-08-1947 in Chinchilla.


7.    Flora Hamilton, b. 1888 in Cowra, d. 8-07-1889 in Cowra.


8.    Donald Bruce Hamilton, b. 20-03-1890 in Cowra, d. 15-08-1980 in Brisbane, Qld.

He married Grace Janet McKenzie, married 17-05-1922 in QLD, b. 10-10-1899 in Rockhampton, QLD, d. 22-11-1988 in Brisbane, Qld.

9.    Amelia May Hamilton, b. 1891 in Cowra, d. 8-09-1977 in Maryborough, QLD.


10.Cecilia Olive Hamilton, b. 20-12-1893 in Cowra Flat, d. 11-02-1984 in Brisbane, Qld.

She married Walter Ernest Dwyer, married 18-04-1919 in Canley Vale, b. 10-08-1884 in Moree, d. 28-09-1956 in Concord.

a.    Dudley Arthur Dwyer, b. 1921 in NSW, d. 9-08-2005 in Brisbane, Qld.


b.    Joseph Montague “Monte” Dwyer, b. 26-03-1918 in Sydney, d. 4-09-1942 in Kokoda or Milne Bay, PNG, WW2.


c.    Noel Ernest Dwyer, b. 26-01-1923 in Sydney, d. 2003 in Newcastle.


d.    Joy Esperance Dwyer, b. 25-10-1925 in Canley Vale.


e.    Unknown Dwyer.


f.     Norman John Dwyer, b. 1-01-1933 in Canley Vale, d. 28-07-1999 in Warwick, QLD.


11.Ivy Joan Hamilton, b. 17-01-1897 in West Wyalong, d. 4-07-1987 in Warwick, QLD.

She married (1) Richard Wright, married 25-12-1929 in Liverpool, b. 1893 in West Wyalong.

She married (2) Unknown.

a.    Adelle Constance Wright, (daughter of Unknown and Ivy Joan Hamilton) b. 1919, d. 1975.


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