Flora McKenzie

Flora McKenzie, (daughter of Alexander (Jun) McKenzie and Elizabeth Hanks) b. 22-01-1860 in Bulli, d. 1942 in Cowra.

She married Jacob Castle, married 1891 in Cowra.

1.    Elizabeth Harriet Castle, b. 1891 in Cowra, d. 6-08-1994 in Gladesville.

She married Jonathan Charles Blenkinsopp, married 1915 in Waverley, b. 1893 in Leichhardt, d. 22-11-1972 in Ryde District.

2.    Linda Alice Castle, b. 1894 in Cowra, d. 1964 in Sutherland.

She married George Melville, married 1921 in Bathurst.

3.    Alfred George Castle, b. 20-01-1896 in Cowra, d. 5-06-1975 in Cowra.  2 children.

He married Rose Swan, married 1924 in Wellington, b. 2-10-1898 in District of Bathurst, d. 1966 in Gladesville.

a.    Merle Castle, b. 16-09-1908, d. 19-03-1967 in Parramatta.


4.    Alan Valentine Castle, b. 16-02-1898 in Cowra, d. 5-02-1939 in Carcoar.


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