Thomas McKenzie

Thomas Joseph McKenzie, (son of Alexander (Jun) McKenzie and Elizabeth Hanks) b. 08-09-1854 in Bulli, d. 1938 in Newtown.  May have married Miss O’Connor & had a son Charles.

He married Mary O’Connor, married 5-10-1880 in Forbes, b. 1860 in Surry Hills, d. 1927 in Newtown.

1.    Thomas Alexander MacKenzie, b. 1881 in Greenfell, d. 1897 in Newtown.


2.    Elizabeth Johanna MacKenzie, b. 1882 in Newtown, d. 1961 in Picnic Point.


3.    Florence MacKenzie, b. 1887 in Newtown, d. 1957 in Newtown.

She married Percy Frank Hudson, b. 1883 in Camperdown, d. 1960 in Rockdale.

4.    Alice May MacKenzie, b. 17-03-1891 in Enmore, d. 28-11-1973 in Willandra Convalescent Hospital, Marrickville.  8 children.

She married Francis John Key, married 28-04-1912 in St. Mary’s Church, Erskineville, b. 21-09-1890 in Newtown, d. 6-09-1966 in Newtown.

5.    Winifred Mary MacKenzie, b. 13-04-1893 in Grenfell, d. 1956 in Newtown.  7 children.

She married George Stewart Neil, married 18-07-1914 in St Marys Church Erskineville, b. 1890 in Young (Nubba), d. 12-03-1945 in Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Camperdown.

6.    Evelyn MacKenzie, b. 1898 in Newtown.

She married Norman Smith Parkes, married 11-08-1913 in St Marys Church Erskineville, b. 1892 in Canterbury, d. 1919 in Wollongong.

7.    James Francis McKenzie, b. ??-09-1897 in Newtown, d. 1964 in Bankstown.

He married Marjorie Ross, married 31-12-1922 in Woollahra, b. 20-01-1900 in Adelong.

a.    Thomas Francis McKenzie, b. in NSW, d. in NSW.


b.    Marjorie Frances McKenzie, b. 1920.


8.    Edith Gladys MacKenzie, b. 24-04-1899 in Newtown, d. 1999 in Croydon.

She married Arthur John Wilson, married 1922 in St Peters.

9.    Mary D MacKenzie, b. 1901 in Newtown, d. 1971 in Newtown.

She married Albert James H. Marsh, married 1925, b. 1893 in Mudgee, d. 1970 in St Leonards.


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