Angus McKenzie

Angus McKenzie (b. 6.9. 1874 Marmonts Flat Taralga – d. 1945 Fiji –1, ) was the seventh child of John McKenzie (1835 – 1918) and wife Rebecca Rook – John was the fourth son of Alexander McKenzie Jnr and his first wife Ann McLean. John was born on the Isle of Skye, and emigrated with his parents on the William Nicol to Australia in 1837. John had moved with his father Alexander McKenzie Jnr and stepmother Elizabeth Hanks, together with his step-siblings, when they left the Illawarra to live in the Taralga area about 1863. John and Rebecca married about 1865, and then remained in the Taralga area, when Alexander and Elizabeth moved on to Grenfell about 1873. Like Angus, most of John and Rebecca’s children left the Taralga area, leaving only Angus’ brothers Hugh and Archibald to raise their families in the area.

The following details and photographs have been kindly shared by Angus’ granddaughter, Mona McKenzie of Fiji. Probably most of us don’t know too much about  Family History research in Fiji, so it is interesting to learn a little more from Mona about her Fijian and Kai loma (part European) heritage,  and another branch of our very international McKenzie family.

Below are photographs of Mona’s paternal grandfather, Angus McKenzie, and grandmother Florence McKenzie nee Whippy. Florence aka “Florrie” was the daughter of Frederick Whippy and Maraya Uri – Frederick was the son of Samuel Whippy and grandson of David Whippy, who was just about the earliest European to settle in Fiji.


Family Trees

From Mona McKenzie “my grandfather came to Fiji in 1919, then he married my grandmother Florence Whippy, they had 4 children, these are their names :  Dorathy, John Edward, Mable, then my namesake Aunty Mona. John is the only boy, he is my father, there are 5 of us – his daughter and 2 sons first one is Betenado, sisi Rabbacca, Dorathy, Mable, Mona, Edward Angus, then Nancy Florence. I did not see my grandfather, he died when my father was only 19yrs old. My grandmother use to tell us that our grandpa is Scottish and he came from Australia, NSW …..  my grandfather came to Fiji at that time Levuka was the capital of Fiji he was posted to another island as a postmaster. There he met my grandmother they had a estate called Diloi beautiful place my grandmother lost the estate by some cunning and greedy people any way my grandfather was known as a kind king“.

Mona’s Whippy – McKenzie Family in Fiji27848909_603226680020644_1435649993_n Angus & Florence from Tui McKenzie
Angus McKenzie & wife Florence Whippy shared by their great grandson Tui McKenzie


David Whippy is said to have been a Sailor from Nantucket (see Carole Riley’s information on Whippy’s in Nantucket –1). Apparently David Whippy jumped ship around 1822, or possibly 1825, and stayed in Fiji –1, 2,. He is believed to have married Tokasa Dorcas around 1836 – 1 according to Whippy descendant Carole Riley. David also apparently fathered children by several different Fijian women. So it is believed that David Whippy is the ancestor of a huge number of Kai loma (part European) people in Fiji.

David’s  son Samuel Whippy is said to be one of the nine children of his wife,  Tokasa Dorcas – 1, a daughter of Tui Levuka  –1, . 

  • Samuel Whippy –1born circa 1837 in Kasavu, Naitasiri, Fiji – died circa 1910 Fiji – married Lavinia O’Connor 1, 2, b 1833 Levuka Fiji ied 1915 Levuka, Fiji. Lavinia was the daughter of William O’Connor.
    • Frederick Whippy – 1, born circa 1856 Kasavu, Fiji – died 1926 Kasavu, Fiji. Frederick married Maraya Uri –1, 23born 1875 died 1948. Note some family historians have alternative spellings for Maraya Ury ie Maria Joeri – 1. Mona explained that Maraya had Gilbert Island heritage – checking Carole Riley’s information suggests that Maraya/Maria was possibly from Lavuini in the Gilbert Islands – 1. Note – the Gilbert Islands are now known as Kiribati.
  • Florence “Florrie” Whippy –1 , married Angus McKenzie (b. 6.9. 1874 Marmonts Flat Taralga – d. 1945 Fiji –1, ) Angus was the son of John McKenzie & Rebecca Rook1 , John being the fourth son of Alexander McKenzie Jnr and his first wife Ann McLean –1,. Angus went to live in Fiji in 1919 – was living there  at the time of his brother Donald’s death in  1931 – and still living in Fiji in 1941Both Angus and Donald were listed in the Stewart’s Handbook of the Pacific Islands 1921 edition – as well as a John MacKenzie, but it is not clear if there is any family connection with John.”MacKenzie, Angus – Nagasau (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
    MacKenzie, Donald – Nagasau (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
    MacKenzie, John – Salialevu (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)

    • Dorathy McKenzie
    • John Edward McKenzie b. about 1926 married Sera (ie Mona’s parents)23584435_1375432009248946_894625846_n Sera wife of John Edward McKenzie mother of Mona
      • Betenado McKenzie
      • Rabbacca McKenzie
      • Mable McKenzie
      • Mona McKenzie – who is helping us with the information
      • Edward Angus McKenzie – his son is also helping us with some information
      • Nancy Florence McKenzie
    • Mable McKenzie
    • Mona McKenzie

Note – Don MacKenzie was unaware of Angus’ marriage and family in Fiji and so he records him as Never Married in “Over the Sea from Skye”. It is wonderful that Mona has been able to set the record straight in this regard.

 Family History of Fiji – Some Brief Information & Resources

Acknowledgement :

Research shared by Australian Genealogy Guru and consultant, Carole Riley, who is another descendant of Frederick and Maraya(Maria) Whippy, has also been very helpful – Whippy connections. Carole didn’t seem to have information on Florence, so perhaps Mona’s information may also add to Carole’s research ? Some information on researching Families in Fiji has been shared by Carole.

Apparently people in Fiji with part-European heritage have been known as Kai lomas – 1, and the Whippy’s are one of the oldest and largest Kai loma families. The Whippy’s are associated with the following areas – Nantucket Island- Massachusetts (USA), Levuka, Nakabuta Estate- Wainunu- Bua, Kasavu, Savusavu.

The McKenzie’s of the Isle of Skye – Inverness clan, who were associated with the Diloi-Buca Bay, Taveuni. VASU- Kasavu area, are another Kai loma family.

Inevitably, the different ethnic groups in Fiji have provided some challenges over the years – 1. The Levuka History and Timeline blog also has some interesting perspectives.