Sheather Connections

Henry Thomas Sheather  (b. February 6 1851 in Bolwarra Hunter River – d. July 6 1912 Bellingen) Coffs Harbour) was the son of Stephen Sheather and Hannah Tester – note – I have included a family tree for Stephen and Hannah Sheather at the bottom of this page. Additionally there is a comprehensive amount of information on Sheather’s at the Fairhall website – ie click here for Sheather. 

Henry Thomas Sheather married Catherine Ross nee McKenzie  in the Free Presbyterian Manse Rocky Mouth Maclean on February 1875. 

Catherine Sheather Ross nee McKenzie, had been previously married to John Ross, and she was the sixth child of Alexander McKenzie Jnr and first wife Ann McLean (1). Catherine was born in 1842 in Berkeley in the Illawarra and died in Maclean in 1892.  As noted above, Catherine was first married to John Ross, on  08-01-1861 in the Congregational Church in  Wollongong (according to Audrey Chessell’s records – ie not Bulli). John Ross was born on 14-06-1829 in Alness, Ross and died on 14-01-1874 in Palmers Island, NSW. John had been a Policeman and later became a Publican (1).

R Philp Catherine Sheather Ross nee McKenzie Young

Catherine Sheather-Ross nee McKenzie, wife of Henry Thomas Sheather


Henry Sheather and Catherine’s children & descendants were as follows :

  • William James Sheather (b. October 26 1875 Palmers Island – d. December 10 1948 Honolulu Hawaii – buried Diamond Head Hawaii) – married 1902 in Auckland New Zealand to Nancy Catherine “Annie” Caffrey. William went with half brother John Ross to New Zealand – and they enlisted in the 6th New Zealand Mounted Rifles and fought in the Boer War – Service Record via New Zealand Archives – see McKenzie Family Military Service web page. Later his family seem to have moved to Hawaii. Coincidentally I have a DNA match with one of William James Sheather’s Hawaiian descendants.
    • Cathryn Kathryn Margaret Sheather married Joseph Jose Macario
      • Joseph Ignatius Macario married Natridad (Nettie) Jusus
        • Son Macario
  • Thomas Henry “Tom” Sheather (b. September 2 1877 Palmers Island – d. July 13 1961 Lismore Base Hospital – buried July 14  East Lismore Cemetery. Married [1] October 6 1900 in Maclean to Ellen Theresa Davis (d. 1900 Maclean)- Married [2] June 15 1904 in Residence of Miss Ross Bacon St Grafton to Edith May Thompson(b. – d. December 26 1915) – Married [3] June 20 1920 in RC Church to Bonalbo to Ellen Mary Finn (d. 1941 – buried Rookwood Cemetery 1941)
    • Male – (b. 1900 Maclean – d 1900 Maclean)
    • Grace Lilian Sheather (b. October 1904 Ulmarra NSW – d. March 20 1905 Ulmarra – buried March 21 1905 Presbyterian Cemetery Ulmarra
    • Catherine May Sheather (b. May 22 1906 Grafton – d. December 16 1988 Lismore – Buried December 19 1988 Lawn Cemetery Lismore  – married June 22 1932 in St John’s Presbyterian Church Coraki to Murray Sharpe White
    • Clara Phyllis  “Phyl” Sheather (b. March 16 1908 Grafton – d. February 18 1984 Albury – buried February 21 Albury 1984) – Married [1] Unknown – Married [2] Unknown – Married [3] November 20 1930 in Albury to Royal “Roy” Virgo – Married [4] October 18 1939 in Albury to Edward Reynolds “Ted” Winter
    • Muriel “Grace” Sheather  (b. April 27 1910 in Bellingen Coffs Harbour- d. November 24 2003 Albury – buried November 27 2003 Lawn Cemetery Albury) – married June 25 1931 St Matthews C of E Albury to Arthur Hedley Petts
    • Daphne Joyce Sheather (b. November 22 1915 Lismore – d. March 24 2008 St Josephs Nursing Home Lismore – buried March 27 2008 Lawn Cemetery Lismore) – married January 24 1938 in Methodist Church Coraki to Charles Edward Philp (b. August 23 1901 Bungawalbyn NSW – d. November 20 1967 Campbell Hospital Coraki – buried November 20 1967 Lawn Cemetery Lismore
      • 6 children including Reg

Catherine McKenzie descendant Reg Philp with wife Kath

  • Unnamed Female Sheather
  • Edward Thomas “Ted” Sheather –  Finn (b. September 21 1922 Tenterfield – d. 2008)
  • Robert Benjamin Sheather (b. August 6 1880 Palmers Island – d. June 11 1946 Whakatane New Zealand – buried June 20 Wakatane) – married August 31 1910 in Gisbourne New Zealand to to Margaret Emma “May” Davies (b. 1887 Gisborne – d. June 24 1959 Whakatane Hospital)
    • Edna Liel Sheather (b. August 7 1907  New Zealand – d. 1986 Whakatane) married Leonard Maurice Martin (b. 1891 – Chatham Islands New Zealand – d.)
      • 6 children
    • Dulcie Maude Sheather (b. November 26 1911 New Zealand – d. March 25 1971)
    • Daphne Phyllis Sheather (b. November 28 1914 New Zealand – d. )
    • Harold Henry Sheather (b. March 28 1920 Whakatane New Zealand – d. )
  • Archibald Hugh “Artie” Sheather (b. December 29 1882 Palmers Island – d. August 12 1918 France – Killed in Action – buried Heath Cemetery Harbonnieres, France, plot 11 row H grave 17)  – see McKenzie Family Military Service web page.

Archibald Sheather - Australian War Memorial  Roll of Honour

  • Edward John “Ted” Sheather (b. September 26 1884 in Palmers Island – d. October 20 1918 France – Killed in Action – October 21 1918 remembered at Villers Bretonneux Military Cemetery Fouilloy France plot xvii row AA grave 9)  – see McKenzie Family Military Service web page.

Ted Sheather - Australian War Memorial Honour Roll

Stephen Sheather and Hannah Sheather Evenden nee Tester Family Tree 

As I have travelled around to different places in Australia, from time to time I’ve spotted a reference to a Sheather, so I am find myself asking Reg Philp,  if a particular Sheather is related to both of us, or only him. Sometimes  the answer from Reg is “Yes, his mine but not yours – he’s not a McKenzie”. So here is a family tree for the Sheather’s, shared by Reg Philp and probably based in part on some of the research done by Ted Finn..

Stephen Sheather (1815 Ninfield Sussex – 1855 Bolwarra Maitland) married in 1834 in Ninfield, Sussex England, to Hannah Tester (1816 – 1893). Stephen and Hannah arrived on the Neptune in Australia on September 26 1839.  After Stephen’s death in Bolwarra Maitland in 1855, his widow Hannah remarried to Robert Alfred Evenden in 1862 in Maitland. Robert had been previously married and had about seven children from his earlier marriage to Ann Edwards. Coincidentally I am also an Evenden descendent on my father’s Barden line and both Robert Alfred Evenden and my ancestor Elizabeth Barden nee Evenden came from Sussex England. Robert was from Rye in Sussex and Elizabeth lived around Guestling in Sussex. Perhaps there is also an Evenden connection way, way back ?

The children of Stephen and Hannah Sheather, and some of their descendants,  were as follows :

  • James Sheather (1834 East Dean Sussex – 1913 Tea Gardens) married in 1886 in Newtown to Mercy Elizabeth / Matilda Albury
    • Stephen James Sheather (1855 West Maitland – 1924 Bulli)  married in Sydney to Louisa Agnes “Lucy” Charlesworth (1852 Bulli 1932 Bulli), daughter of David Charlesworth, a former convict,  and Johanna Mullins, arrived free. More on the Charlesworth family can be found here.
      • Charles Abraham Sheather (1883 Bulli 1940 Bulli) married in 1925 in Bulli to Alice Doreen Worth and Florence Ann Smart
      • Blanche Mercy Sheather (1886 Woonona 1949 Redfern) married in 1903 in Bulli to Charles Joseph Healy
      • Archibald Stephen Sheather (1889 Bulli  1965)
      • Ernest Stanley Sheather (1891 Bulli )
      • James Joseph Sheather (1893 Bulli 1978)
      • Percival George Henry Sheather (1895 Bulli 1968 Concord). There appears to be some confusing information about in regard to our Bulli born Percy Henry George Sheather and another Percival George Sheather. Our Bulli born Percy served in WW1 and was thought by some, including possibly Ted Finn, to have died there in November 1917. However it appears that he was wounded twice – in 1917 and in 1918 before returning to Australia in 1918 – 1, 2, .  He lived with his invalid mother Louisa in Camperdopwn in 1930, and was in Berry in 1933 – 1937 -then 1943 – 1949 in Thirroul before moving to Redfern 1958 – 1963.   Some believed that our Percy George Henry Sheather  married in 1937 in Katoomba to Annie Thorpe nee Jacobs. However it is more likely that she married the “other” Percy George Sheather.   Further, in regard to  other conflicting information, a John Sheather  made the following comments “From your research, you say  that Percival George Henry Sheather, b.2-11-1895, married Annie Jacobs, in 1937, Katoomba. B.D.M., says, Percival Sheather m. Annie Thorpe,1937, Katoomba.  My records say that, Percival George Sheather, b.25-7-1886, Narrandera, son of Henry Sheather and Elizabeth Riley, m. Annie Thorpe, widow, at Blackheath, 1936, daughter of Samuel and Martha Jacobs. Of course, Annie Jacobs, and Annie Thorpe being the same person, not that is an issue, but, we have two Percival Sheather’s. Other; Percival and Annie were in Campsie in 1943, Electoral rolls. Percy from Bulli, d. Concord, Percy from Narrandera, d. 10-11-1965, late of Belmore, which is near Campsie.  In 1937, Annie was 55, Percy from Narrandera was 51, Percy from Bulli was 42.  N.B. My info on the marriage was possibly from Trove or a family member, I can’t remember.  Regards John Sheather” (1)…. Percival George Henry Sheather, born 2-9-1895, died 1968 at Concord hospital. Service no 4535, son of Stephen Sheather and Louisa Agnes Forde. My records don’t show that he was ever married.  However a very distant cousin,  Percival George Sheather, born 25-7-1886, died 10-11-1965, at 14 Waverly Street, Belmore, son of Henry Sheather and Elizabeth Riley – this Percival Sheather was born at Brewarrina Station,  Narrendera. His death certificate, 37114, 703 in register, he married Annie Thorpe, widow, at Blackheath, at Katoomba.  The informant was his son, Henry Squire Sheather, so Percy Sheather from Woonoona, did not marry Annie Thorpe, nee Jacobs. Thank you,  John A. S. Sheather.” (1). I would concur with John Sheather comments that there were two Percy’s. The re-use of names within families can certainly makes for confusion sometimes.
  • Edgar Sheather (1835 – )
  • Mary Ann Sheather (1836 East Dean Sussex England – d 24 Aug 1913 Morpeth, buried Aug 1913 C/E Morpeth Cemetery) married on 3 Jan 1854 to Morpeth Benjamin Fairhall (14 Dec 1829 Guestling Sussex England – d 30 Aug 1892 Morpeth, bur 31 Aug 1892 C/E Morpeth Cemetery). Benjamin was a Farmer and Carpenter, the son of William Fairhall and Anne Huntley. Benjamin arrived on 24 June 1838 Sydney on the Maitland. m 3 Jan 1854 – these details were kindly shared by Ann Campbell in the Maitland Family and Local History Research Group on Facebook.
    • Thomas Fairhall, b 8 Oct 1854 Morpeth, d 8 Aug 1933 Morpeth, m 1874 to Ann STEVENS
    • Henry James Fairhall, b 1 Sep 1856 Maitland, d 8 Dec 1926 Morpeth, m 1879 to Harriet STANDEN 
    • Frederick William Fairhall, b 14 Jul 1858 Morpeth, d 4 Apr 1934 Morpeth, m 1879 to Annie BOOTS
    • George Benjamin Fairhall, b 19 Jan 1861 Maitland, d 8 Jul 1924 Morpeth, m 1885 to Amelia BLUNDELL
    • Charles Edward Fairhall, b 18 Jan 1863 Dunmore, d 18 Jan 1863? Newcastle, m 1902 to Evangeline PARKER 
    • Alexander Evenden Fairhall, b 14 Oct 1865 Morpeth, d 1913, m 1892 to Alice SIVYER
    • Stephen Fairhall, b 1872 Morpeth, d 1872 Morpeth
  • Male Sheather (1838 England – 1839 Sussex England)
  • Frances Sheather (1840 Bolwarra Maitland – 1907 Jones Island Taree ) married in 1857 West Maitland to Robert Crittendon – remarried to Benstead Staples
  • Jane Elizabeth Sheather (1842 Bolwarra Maitland- 1919 Bankstown buried at Rookwood) married in 1859 on Jones Island Taree to Robert Ponsonby Staples
  • Richard Sheather (1844 Bolwarra Maitland- 1902 Riley’s Hill Woodburn NSW buried General Cemetery Woodburn) married in 1864 in the Wesleyan Chapel Jones Island to Rachel Ann Albury
  • Emma Matilda Sheather (1846 RMiddlehope/Raymond Terrace – 1938 St Claires Home Tooowong) – maaried in 1863 at the Wesleyan Chapel Jones Island Taree to Humphrey John Shoesmith
  • John Sheather (1849 Bolwarra Maitland – 1927 Coopernook) – married in 1869 in the Wesleyan Chapel Jones Island Taree to Ruth Betts
  • Henry Thomas Sheather (1851 Bolwarra Maitland- 1912) married  in 1875 in the Free Presbyterian Church Rocky Mouth Maclean to Catherine Ross nee McKenzie (1) (1842 Berkeley 1892 Maclean) – see family details at top of this page 
  • Benjamin Sheather (1853 Bolwarra Maitland – 1925 Taree) married in the Wesleyan Chapel Jones Island Taree to Eliza Charlotte Minett
  • Harriet Sheather (1854 Bolwarra Maitland – 1932 Taree buried Mitchell Island Taree) married in 1872 in Maitland to Alexander Andrew Allan