Donald McKenzie

Donald b 7.11.1832 Armadale, Isle of Skye baptised 2.1.1833 Sleat Skye – d. 08-04-1916 in Stanley, VIC. Family Search baptism Donald McKenzie 1833 SleatHe married Nancy McIntyre, 08-03-1853 in Appin, RC, b. 1829 in Tamlaughtocrilly, Derry, IRE, d. 06-01-1904- 1, buried 08-01-1904 in Stanley Cemetery, VIC. Donald and Nancy had left the Illawarra in NSW by the mid 1850’s with their second child, Jane, born in Stanley in Victoria in 1857. This branch of the McKenzie family lived around Back Creek, Yackandandah, Beechworth area for many years. Donald had become a gold miner, with the gold rush starting in that part of the world from about 1852. 

23172697_1782442021812965_866717470859751614_n Nurlene - possibly Donald McKenzie and Nancy McIntyre

Alexander Jnr’s son Donald McKenzie and Nancy McIntyre

  1. Mary Anne McKenzie, b. 1854 in Appin, d. 21-11-1890  married a storekeeper, Bernard(o) Contess(a) (1889 Lombardy Italy – 1923 Beechworth) –  “My great grandmother was Mary Ann McKenzie and she married Bernardo Contessa. Their eldest son, Bernard – who married Barbara Ellen Skerry – was my grandfather. Mary Ann’s parents were Donald McKenzie and Nancy McIntosh(McIntyre ?). Donald was the son of Alexander Jnr. McKenzie. I have been researching family history for approx. 20 years now and it has just about taken over my life!!” – comment from Jenny Watson. – Photo below of Bernardo & Mary Ann Contessa and their son Bernard Contessa is courtesy of Jenny Watson 23032577_2063860680502124_8461238306755608945_n Jenny Watson Mary Ann Contessa McKenzie daughter of Donald
    1. Katherine Contessa (1873 – 1874)
    2. Bernard Contessa (1875 – 1948)  married Barbara Ellen Skerry
    3. Annie Contessa (1877 – 1962)
    4. John Antonio Contessa (1878 – 1955)
    5. Mary Contessa (1881 – 1881)
    6. Mary Ann Contessa (1884 – 1953)
    7. James Alexander Contessa (1886 – 1969)
    8. Neil Contessa (1890 – 1890)
  2. Jane McKenzie, b. 3-05-1857 in Stanley, VIC.
  3. James Alexander McKenzie, b. 1858 in Stanley, d. 03-05-1931 in Beechworth, VIC – accident at Stanley in 1883 – 1,
  4. Donald McKenzie, b. 1860 in Stanley, VIC, d. 27-07-1939 –1,  in Stanley, VIC.  He married Christina Murray, 1888 in St Kilda (courtesy T Dwyer), b. 1866 in Stanley, VIC, d. 3-02-1897, Beechworth, Victoria of Typhoid & Pneumonia – leaving a young family.
    Donald McKenzie & children - Ross McKenzie Nurlene Block

    Donald McKenzie with children Elizabeth & Donald at rear, Alice May (obscured), Jack (front) and Jim (seated on father Donald’s lap) c. 1897. Donald was widowed in 1897 with the death of wife Christina – courtesy of Nurlene Block and Ross McKenzie who are great grandchildren of Donald Junior

    1. Donald McKenzie, b. 27-04-1889 in Stanley, VIC, d. 1979 in Adelong. He married Sarah Ellen GILLMAN, 1910 in Tumut, b. 1887 in Adelong (daughter of John Henry GILLMAN and Emily Sarah COLLINS), d. 1976 in Adelong. Both Donald and Sarah are buried in Adelong – (corrected information supplied by Ross McKenzie)
      1. Leslie Edward McKenzie, b. 03-12-1910 in Adelong, d. 2006.  now lives in Auckland. He married Mary Grace Unknown,  1944 in NZ.
        1. Jeanette Lesley McKenzie, b. 1945 in Auckland.  She married (1)Clarence Walton Moffitt (there were 2 daughters & 1 son),  1966 in NZ.  She married (2) Roy Sweet, 1987. She married (3) Unknown Burton, married c.1990
      2. John R McKenzie, b. 14-09-1913 in Adelong, d. 1999. He married a neighbour Ethel Franklin. There were no children of the marriage. John and Ethel both died in Sydney and are buried in Adelong near to John’s mother. – (additional information supplied by Ross McKenzie).
      3. Kenneth Percy McKenzie, b. 1916 in Adelong, d. 1999. He married Mary Kathleen Twohill (b.1923 – Murwillumbah – d. 2000 Tweed Heads). Kenneth and Mary are buried at Bray Park Murwillumbah. – (additional information supplied by Ross McKenzie)
        1. 4 sons
      4. Myrtle Irene McKenzie. She married Patrick O’Brien Savage, 1940 in Adelong, b. 1916 in Temora.
      5. Alexander McKenzie, b. 1918 in Adelong
      6. Cecil McKenzie  b. 1918 in Adelong
      7. Nancy May McKenzie, b. 5-08-1927 in Wagga Wagga, d. 6-07-2005.  2 children. She married Donald Edward McInness,  1953 in Wagga Wagga, b. 4-10-1926 in Newcastle, d. 25-12-2006 in Brisbane, Qld.
      8. Donald McKenzie
      9. Cecil McKenzie
    2. Elizabeth Ann “Lizzie” McKenzie, b. 1890, d. 1980 in Wangaratta. She married George Smee – d. 1978. Elizabeth and George are buried in Wangaratta, Victoria. – (corrected information supplied by Ross McKenzie). SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA
    3. Alice May McKenzie, b. 1891, d. 1961 married in 1920 to Arthur William Brown
      1. John Brown
    4. John James McKenzie, b. 1892, d. 1970
    5. Alexander James “Jim” McKenzie b. 1896 – d. 1979
  5. Neil McKenzie, b. 7-04-1861 in Stanley.  or Neal
  6. John McKenzie, b. 07-04-1866 in Stanley, VIC, d. 05-08-1953 in Stanley, VIC. He married Louisa Frances Murray, 29-12-1897 in Beechworth, VIC, b. 07-09-1867 in Cedar Creek, VIC, d. 12-10-1942 in Stanley
    1. John McKenzie
    2. Fairleigh Murray McKenzie, b. 21-05-1893 in South Yarra, d. 09-12-1893 in Footscray.
    3. Elizabeth Murray McKenzie, b. 21-05-1893 in South Yarra, d. 04-03-1894 in Footscray.
    4. John Edward McKenzie, b. 13-06-1898 in Stanley, d. 06-04-1943 in Beechworth.  aka Eddie. He married Hazel Dodson, b. 1896, d. 23-11-1929
      1. Patricia McKenzie
      2. Neila McKenzie. She married Donald Coombes
      3. Hazel McKenzie, b. 23-11-1929. She married Gerald Ryan
        1. Geraldine Ryan
        2. John Ryan
        3. Jaqueline Ryan
        4. Tracey Ryan
          1. Jordan Ryan
        5. Eileen Mary McKenzie, b. 25-12-1900 in Stanley, d. 23-06-1978 in Beechworth.  aka Babe. She married (1) Eric Williams. She married (2) George Green
          1. Valma Green, (daughter of George Green and Eileen Mary McKenzie) b. ??-06-1935 in Melbourne, d. 25-08-1976 in Mansfield. She married Kevin Griffin
            1. Brendan Griffin
            2. Peter Griffin
            3. Justin Griffin
            4. Damien Griffin
            5. Laurence Griffin
        6. Agnes Olive McKenzie, b. 21-09-1902 in Stanley.  aka Ollie. She married Laurence Lancelotte Fenton,  25-11-1929 in Sydney, b. 14-05-1895 in Peak Hill, NSW, d. 30-06-1978 in West Ryde.
          1. Laurence John Fenton, b. 23-12-1932 in Stanmore. He marriedJoan Evelyn Colling, married 12-10-1970 in Eastwood, b. 23-09-1944 in Ryde
        7. Minnie May McKenzie, b. 1904. She married Frederick Anderson-Ruby
          1. Eileen Anderson-Ruby. She married John O’Neill
            1. Kerry O’Neill
            2. Shane O’Neill
        8. Dorothy Nancy McKenzie, b. 11-04-1907, d. 1989 in Sydney. She married (1) Percival Grimshaw. She married (2)George Jenke. She married (3) William Shaw

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