Christina MacGillivary’s Children

  • Margaret Hunter b. 10.4.1848 Ellengowan (?) d. 5.6.1929 New Zealand m. Tom Gordon
  • Christina Mary b. 27.11.1849 Ellengowan (?) d. 7.9.1938 m. Edwin Dobson
  • Alexina b. 24.1.1851 Ellengowan (?) Fairy Meadow d.12.12.1926 m. Alick Cook – more details
  • William b.14.5.1852 Ellengowan d. 7.6.1918 Wollongong (obituary) m. Margaret McPhail b abt. 1862 – d. 1933 Wollongong (obituary) – more details on William
  • Alexander John McLean b. 12.1.1862 Ellengowan d. 21.9.1922 m. Margaretta Dobson

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