Arguably  the name Ellengowan derives from the fictitious Ellangowan Castle in Sir Walter Scott’s “Guy Mannering”, of the Waverley Novels series, popular in the 19th Century and early twentieth Century years. Ellangowan Castle has been claimed to be based on Caerlaverock Castle in Dumfriesshire Scotland.

Note from Kerrie : Thirroul Historian, Dr Joseph Davis supplied the following information to me in 2013 on Ellengowan – before it was owned by Alexander McKenzie Snr.

Australian chronicle 4 may 1841 – similar advertisement 29 April 1841.

County of Camden.-llaownrra.-To Copitalists, Stoclkholders, Emigrants and Others. TO BE SOLD, by private contract, the valuable Properties of ELLENGOWAN, and Seventeen Years unexpired Lease of the ILLA WAIltIA or FIVE ISLAND ESTATE, with about three hundred and twenty head of Cattle, thirty-eight working bullocks, horses, drays, farming implements, dairy utensils, &c., and crop of wheat, English barley and oats, now on the ground. ‘These properties are situated within two miles of Wollongong, to which place the steamers ply weekly; there is also an overland mnail conveyance every second day, and a post every day to and from Sydney, from which it is distant seventy miles by land, and forty-five by water. ” Ellengowan” con tains 160 acres of utse sichest description of land, tandris situated in the district of “.Fairy Meadow,” two miles north of Wollongong, on the road leading to Bulli and Sydney, on the ” Marigan Creek,” which is constantly supplied from the Illawarra mountains with fresh water in the driest seasons. T’he scenery is highly romantic. Seventy-two acres of this estate are fenced and let for an unexpired term of two years, at £50 per annum, the tenant being bound to clear thirty acres, and leave all houses and fences in good repair. Twenty acres are let at £20 yearly, twelve acres of which are cleared and in cultivation ; the whole to be fenced in, with a neat cottage and outhouses erected thereon, the tenant to leave all in good condition. Also, seven acres let at £2 per acte, all occupied by industrious parties. The remainder is completely enclosed, and con sists of thirty acres of cleared’and cultivated land, the rest fine cabbage tree, brush, and forest land. An orchard, orangery, and vinery of about five acres, nearly surrounded by the Marigan Creek, containing many hundred choice fruit trees, in cluding orange, lemon, loquat, shaddock, (banana and citron in lull bearing), mulberry, walnut, guava, &c., &c., with Norfolk island pines, English oak, and other ornamental trees and shrubs; also, a valuable nursery of young trees. On this portion of the property, is erected (but not quite finished). a convenient brick and timber built cottage, containing six rooms, hall and passage on the ground floor, with four rooms above; and detached a slab kitchen, with oven complete, and servants’ room. ‘1 he out houses consist of a neat weatherboarded cottage, with brick chimney and skillings, also a stockyard and milking balls, piggeries, and pig*run of two acres, corn and fowl houses, stable and shed ; half an acre of orchard ground attached, agardener’s two roomed slab and shingled house, with small orchard, fowl-houses, pigstyes, &c. i’ne garden is well stocked with vegetables; two acres of potatoes, and about 200 bushels of maize; laiming and gar dening implements, pigs, poultry, sc. l’his estate commences about two hundred yards north of the dew bridge lately built by government on the line of road leading to I3ulli, and immediately opposite the property of the late Colonel Leahy.

The Illawarra or Five Island estate consists of nearly 2500 acres, and is situated about two miles south of Wollongong, adjoining the government reserve of the said town. It is bounded by the Pacific Ocean and Five Islands on the east, the beautiful and well known lliawarra Lake on the south, and on the north and west by the Tarrawarra or Tom Thom’s Lagoon, Allan’s Creek, and the boundary fence of 164 chains between it and the property of William Jenkins, Esq. The situation of this estate is not to be surpassed for variety of scenery; and some of the finest views of Illawarra have been taken from the ” Red Point” of Captain Cook, and formed within the Five islands. Oppo site this point is an excellent harbour, nearly a mile wide, with ample depth of water, and shelter in the most boisterous weather, and coal is supposed to be close to tile harbour. The soil is generally good, being principally open forest, meadow, and bush land, and there is at present under cultivation about 85 acres, containing wheat, English barley, oats, potatoes, and maize; also, one grass and clover paddock, completely fenced in, containing 260 acres, another ditto of 120 acres has been under cultivation, and four others, from 10 to 15 acres each. A large quantity of fencing is ready for further division of the property, 70 acres are let to thriving tenants, and the rest is occupied as a cattle station, capable of grazing 700 head of cattle and horses. It is well watered in every season, and particularly qualified for a large dairy and agricultural establishment, for which purpose it has been used for several years, being the first selected grant in the district, and ac knowledged as the best for grazing and fattening cattle in it. Seventeen years of the lease remains unexpired. The yearly rent is trilling, and gra dually increases after the next two years; and the tenant is entitled to repayment of half his outlay on permanent buildings, &c., on the expiration of the lease, to the extent of £1000. There is a comfortable dwellinghouse of three rooms, with kitchen, fowl-house, and pigstyes, two water tanks, stockyard, men’s huts, milking bails, calf pens, and a large barn. A freshwater lagoon two acres in extent, adjoining that portion of the property under lease, is let from three to seven years, from 10s. to 20s. per acre yearly, and one of the tenants enjoys the privilege of fishing in the Illawarra Lake, from whence Wollongong and the district is supplied with abundance of fine fish. A boat complete with fishing net for the establishment is on the lake, whibli bounds a considerable portion of the estate, and is the place of general’ resort for pleasure parties, to all visiting the picturesque and magnificent scenery of this spot. The cattle are remarkably quiet, and accustomed to the run; and are the production of Durham and Ayrshire Stock. The cows are mostly broke into bail, of which there are 130. Twenty-three heifers li to 3 years old Twenty.eight steers ditto ditto Thirty-six ditto 2 and 3 years Ninety to 100 yearling heifers and steers Twelve bulls Thirty-eight working bullocks, in excellent con dition, wvith yokes, chains, bows, and harness, com plete; 4 excellent drays, t box dray, and another nearly now; 4 ploughs, harrows, wiannowing ma chine, dairy utensils, farming implements of every description, with a variety of articles too numerous to mention. Aron, ‘iThe following horaes-2 mares and foals, 3 cart and stock horses, 1 mule, saddles, bridles, harness, &c.; pigs, poultry, and between 400 and 500 bushels of wheat, English barley;, oats, potatoes, and 250 bushells of maize. On the islands are forty or fifty goats, to be sold at the same time ; six or eight assigned servants can be transferred wthh permission of thie Government. The above properties are well deserving the atten tion of stockholiders atid others requiring a home stead near Sydney, and for situation and climate most desirable ; they will be sold either separately or conjointly, and the purchaser can hIave the stock, crop, and farming implements, &c., at valuation, or with the properties. Intending purchasers are previously invited to inspect thiemhwlire every facility will be afforded, and the plans ihown at the same time. The titles are unexceptionable, and full partieu. lars will be given on aplplicatlion at the auction mart of the undersigned, Terms-20 per cent. cash deposit, atd for the remainder a long credit will be given on approved security, bearing interest. SAMUEL LYONS, 4850 George-street and Chhrlotte-p1lrce.


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