Donald McKenzie

Donald McKenzie, (son of Alexander (Snr) Mckenzie and Flora McKinnon) b. 1824 in Isle of Skye, Scotland, d. 11-03-1894 in “Daisy Bank”, Laggan. He married Christina Morrison, married 28-01-1851 in St Peters Presbyterian, Campbelltown.

1.    John A Mckenzie, b. 1855.


2.    Lachlan M Mckenzie, b. 1858 in Goulburn.


3.    Alexander Mckenzie, b. 1860 in Goulburn.


4.    Mary A Mckenzie, b. 1862 in Goulburn.


5.    Alice K Mckenzie, b. 1865 in Goulburn.


6.    Christina E Mckenzie, b. 1867 in Goulburn.


7.    William Donald Mckenzie, b. 1870 in Goulburn.


8.    George Robert Mckenzie, b. 1872 in Goulburn.


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