Lachlan Morison McKenzie

The following material on Lachlan McKenzie’s family began with information shared by Donald MacKenzie in “Over the Sea from Skye“, and then was augmented, amplified  and amended as appropriate after a review of  NSW Births, Deaths and Marriages and Trove, etc.

Lachlan Morison McKenzie was a son of Donald McKenzie and wife Christina Morrison. His father Donald McKenzie was the eldest son of Alexander McKenzie Snr and Flora McKinnon b. 1828 in Caligarry on Isle of Skye, Scotland, d. 11-03-1894 in “Daisy Bank”, Laggan. Donald married on 28-01-1851 in St Peters Presbyterian, Campbelltown to Christina Morrison, b. 1828 Strathaird Isle of Skye d. 1907 Crookwell. Christina was the daughter of Lachlan and Mary Morrison of Strathaird on the Isle of Skye.

Lachlan Morison McKenzie, b. 1858 in Goulburn. d. 1903 Armidale (NSW BDM 9155/1903) married in 1887 in Armidale (NSW BDM 6601/1887) to Christina Jennifer Colmer b. 1865 Gundagai d. 1958 Armidale NSW (NSW BDM 24165/1958 ). Christina was the daughter of Cornwall born William Colmer and Margaret McLean born in 1843 at Clifton NSW to John McLean of Greenock Renfrewshire, Scotland and Christina Cameron of Morven, Argyle, Scotland.

The NSW Great Northern Railway had come to Armidale in 1883, five years ahead of it reaching the NSW Queensland border of Wallangarra in 1888. And so it must have been an interesting time for Lachlan to have left the Goulburn area to come to Armidale –1. Coincidentally, Armidale was named after Armadale on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, from where Lachlan’s grandparents had left to come to the NSW Colony in 1837.

Lachlan was never to return to the Goulburn area before his 1903 death at such a relatively young age, only 45 years old, and his youngest, Elsie was still to be born. And while some of Lachlan and Christina’s descendants remained around Armidale for many years, others have spread from up to Queensland and down south to Milton in NSW. Only his eldest child, Christina Alice Margaret Peden nee McKenzie would live in Lachlan’s “home town” Goulburn Mulwaree region, after her marriage to Taralga resident Walter Peden. This contrasted with the descendants of some of Lachlan’s siblings, who remained on the land in the wider Goulburn – Mulwaree region for many years.

It does not appear that Lachlan’s widow Christina remarried following his 1903 death – she remained a widow in Armidale for over 60 years until her death in 1964. Note – Don MacKenzie erroneously gave Lachlan’s death as occurring in 1918, and not 1903, in his book “Over the Sea to Skye”. No doubt had he realised that Lachlan had died at such a young age, Don would probably have lamented this and made some sort of comment.

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Lachlan's death entry

The Mackenzie name has been carried on from Lachlan Morison McKenzie/Mackenzie, either as a surname, or as a middle name for a number of his descendants.

  • Christina Alice Margaret McKenzie b. 1888 Armidale (NSW BDM 32213/1888)  d. 1964 Goulburn (NSW BDM 18729/1964 ) married in Armidale in 1918 (NSW BDM 12067/1918) to  Walter Peden b. 1888 – a son of Taralga residents and Scots descendants Hugh Peden b. 1839 Mt Hunter, Camden – d. 1915 Chatsbury (1) and Mary Ross b. 1846 Bungonia d. 1923 Goulburn. By 1930, Christina Alice and Walter’s  electoral roll records show them at Chatsbury, Glenelg area where their sons were born. Walter  purchased Rhyanna in the Goulburn area in 1939 –1,  . The Peden’s had long been graziers and farmers in the area, and they were involved in associated agricultural societies over the years. Over time though, some moved off the land.
    • Archibald Hugh Peden b. 1919 Goulburn – lived at of Brewon, Komungla  married in 1949 in Marulan (NSW BDM 5184/1949 ) –12to Rita Jennie Wade. He served in WW2 in the 25th Battalion in New Guinea – 1,
      • Philip Hugh Peden
      • John Walter Peden
      • Wendy Narelle Peden
      • Julie Margaret Peden
    • Keith McKenzie Peden b. 1921 Goulburn- d. 1991 Goulburn – married in Goulburn in 1944 (NSW BDM 2759/1944 )  to Norma Mary Smith b. 1924  d. 1996 – may have lived at Taro – 1, He served in WW2 in the 2/9th Battalion from 1943, ie after the Middle Eastern, Milne Bay and PNG Northern Beaches campaigns.
      • Malcolm John Peden
      • Stuart McKenzie Peden
      • Douglas Keith Peden married Lorna Catherine
      • son4
      • daughter Peden
    • Donald Ross Peden b. 1923 Goulburn d. 2000 married in Goulburn in 1952 – 1, 2,   (NSW BDM 29342/1952) to Lila Beatrice “Bea” Duncan of Blythburn, Tarlo. Donald served in the 7th Motor Transport Company in WW2. Note that he enlisted at Gympie and his record shows that he was also born at Gympie, however this may have been a clerical error. The family lived at Tarlo for many years.
      • Neil Donald Peden
      • Barbara Christine Peden
  • Mary Elizabeth “May” McKenzie b.1889 Armidale d. 1982 Armidale married in 1911 to Cecil John Bell b.1889 d. 1982 of Black Mountain near Armidale – lived in Mackay, Pelican – Dalby, Chinchilla Queensland
    • Bernice Ivy Bell b.1912 d. 2004 married in 1932 in Pelican Dalby – 1, to Aaron Glendwyr Coote b. 1903 Murrurundi  d. 1977, son of  Aaron Coote (b 1875 d. 1958) and first wife Sarah King  (b. 1869 d. 1913) of Longueville. Aaron Glendwyr Coote had been in Kolijo, Mirani Queensland in 1925 then became a Probationary Constable in NSW from February 1929.   Aaron Glendwyr Coote lived in Chatswood in 1935 and then living in Naremburn from 1940’s – 1970’s. Aaron Glendwyr Coote‘s mother Sarah King was the granddaughter of convict Thomas King, arriving on the Guilford in 1812 – 1, 2, 3, . Thomas married in 1816 to Margaret ?, and possibly she may have been a convict or a daughter of convict(s) ? Although it is possible that Thomas and Margaret never married ? Aaron Coote Snr was believed to be the son of Charles Coote of Cambridge, Cambridgeshire  and Anne Jane Ison, who came from Stow Cum Quy in Cambridgeshire.
      • son1
      • son2
    • Heather Alice Bell b. 1914 d. 1994  Queensland – 1, formerly of Chincilla married 1937 – 1939 – 1 to Lawrence Edgar Enticknap b. 1915 d. 1998 Queensland – 1,  radio engineer & lecturer of Indooropily formerly of Townsville
    • Victor John Bell 1916 – 2002 Chinchilla Queensland married Maisie Edith Rennick b. 1919 d. 2011 Chincilla – they lived in the Pelican area of Chinchilla
    • Leila Mary Bell b. 1919
    • Ivan Bell
    • Kenneth Bell b. 1925 ? – served in the Navy in WW2 – demobilised from HMAS Moreton – 1, – may have done training at HMAS Cerberus,
    • Hector Bell
  • Florence Julia McKenzie b. 1890 Armidale  d. 1980 Canberra ACT married in a double wedding in Armidale in 1913 –1, to  John Cleeve Turner b. 1886 Patricks Plains Singleton d.1968 Gosford – sister Pearl married Leslie Royal “Cliff” Butler
    • Clifford Mackenzie Turner
    • Douglas Mackenzie Turner (-1976 NSW BDM 24397/1976) , Telegraphist – lived with his brother Russell in Dee Why in 1949 – but by 1954 he was no longer with his brother Russell. Then did he marry Winifred Eileen ? and did they live in Maryborough and then Mareeba in 1963, in Ingham in 1968,  and in Nightcliff in the Northern Territory in 1972 – then did Winifred live in Dubbo in 1977 – 1980 ?
    • John Mackenzie Turner  ( – ), Mechanic,  married in Manilla in 1951 to  Helen Gertrude Dengate (1930 Manilla 2004 Manilla) – living in Manilla until at least in 1968 and then living in Ourimbah in 1972 – 1980
      • Judith Anne Turner
      • Douglas Calmsley  Turner  married S – Northern Rivers NSW
      • John Dengate Turner (1957 1957)
    • Russell Cleeve Mackenzie Turner (1914 Scone -1968 Merrylands), engineer  married in 1940 to Doris Irene Hall (1917 – d. 1963) – living in Dee Why in 1949
      • Child 1 Turner
      • Child 2 Turner
      • Robert Clive/Cleeve Turner
    • Jeanne Turner (1916 Scone -) married Kingsley R Yates (1909 1987) – he had been previously married and divorced.
      • Daughter Yates
    • Jeoffery Mackenzie “Mac” Turner  (1922 Armidale -1994 Canberra ACT) – served in WW2. He was a Telegraph Messenger in the PMG in 1937 – 1 and then married in 1944 in Manilla (NSW BDM 3637/1944) to Annie Freda Dengate (1923 Manilla 1998 Canberra ACT).
      • son Turner
      • Jeoffrey W Turner, accountant of Downer married in 1969 to Jill Bernasconi of Downer – 12, 3 4Jeoffrey Turner Bernsconi marriage 1969 Canberra Times 9.6.1969
  • Pearl  McKenzie b. 1891 (NSW BDM 4493/1891 – father’s name is recorded as Lauchlan) d. 1976 Mittagong ??? – married in 1913 in Armidale (NSW BDM 5667/1913) to Leslie Royal “Cliff” Butler b. 1892 Hamilton (NSW BDM 16331/1892) NSW d. 1947 Auburn NSW (NSW BDM 8084/1947 – his death certificate stated that there were no children of the marriage ??) – Pearl and Leslie were married in a double wedding – 1, with her sister Florence to John Cleeve Turner b. 1886 Patricks Plains Singleton d. 1968 Gosford,  a Coach Painter in Manilla NSW
    • Mervyn L Butler 1913 Waratah (NSW BDM 46139/1913 )
    • William Butler  ?
    • Milton Royal Butler 1921 – 1971 ?
    • Enid Butler – 1925 – 2015 – lived in Queensland ?
  • William Donald McKenzie b. 1894 Tamworth, Engineer,  married Eva Dewhurst in 1918 in Canterbury – they lived in Newcastle – he served in WW1 and was awarded the Military Cross – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,
    • Beryl McKenzie
    • child 2 McKenzie
    • child 3 McKenzie
  • Eleanor / Helena Ivy McKenzie b. 1896 Nundle (NSW BDM 15085/1896) – d. 1917 (NSW BDM 4067/1917 Armidale – father’s name given as Lauchlan Mackenzie) – note she was not listed in Don Mackenzie’s book “Over the Sea from Skye”
    • Myra Blanche McKenzie b. 1898 Tamworth d. 1995 Armidale married in 1922 in Armidale to  Tom Beesley 1896 1967
      • Ronald McKenzie Thomas Beesley 1923 – d. 2002 Gloucester , Chemist –  lived in Milton – served in the RAAF in WW2 – awarded a British Empire in 1981 for community service – 1, 2,  – married to Norma
      • Barbara Joy Beesley, Teacher and Lecturer – 1, 2, 3,  married in 1957 in Armidale (NSW BDM 20729/1957) to Alan Herbert Carr / Alan Herbert Kerr (1933 Taree 1993 Armidale), teacher – they remained in Armidale
        • Peter Kerr
  • Walter J McKenzie b. 1900 Nundle – Donald MacKenzie in “Over the Sea from Skye”was unable to offer any more information and nothing more seems to have become available in the 15 – 20 years since, despite the increasing availability of on-line resources.
    • son McKenzie
  • Arthur L McKenzie b. 1902 Quirindi d. 1902 Tamworth
  • Elsie Annie McKenzie b. 1904 Armidale d. 2003 Armidale married in 1926 in Armidale (NSW BDM 9590/1926 ) to Robert Henry Bruce  Bob Sewell (1903 Armidale d 1986 NSW BDM 100727/1986 )
    • Maxwell Bruce  Sewell b. 1930 Armidale d. 2002 Coffs Harbour married to Valerie June Hore (1933 Tamworth  2000 Mylestom)