McKenzie Family Military Service


  • Alexander McKenzie Snr & third wife Christina McGillivray
    • Family of William McKenzie
      • Family of Jessie Evelyn McKenzie and husband William Arthur Lang
        • Jean Lang (b. 24.2. 1915 Balgownie – d. ) – AAWMS –  WW2 104 Australian General Hospital  Bathurst – NX171413
  • Alexander McKenzie Jnr & Ann McLean’s Descendants
    • Mary Ann McKenzie and husband Henry Thomas Hicks & descendants – Captain Henry Thomas Hicks JP – Captain in the Bulli Reserve Rifle Club from 1890
      • Family of Margaret Cook (nee Hicks)
        • George Wilfred Cook WWI, son of Margaret Cook – he put his age up but was found out and was discharged very quickly – enlistment & discharge details – such was the enthusiasm to serve one’s country in 1918 !
        • Corporal Angus Rummery McDonald WWII record – husband of Marjorie Allison Cook, daughter of Margaret Cook
          • Harold Rummery – WWII & afterwards Navy record – son of Margaret Cook’s daughter Marjorie Allison Rummery (nee Cook)
      • Captain George HicksEnlistment Details.  Served in the permanent armed forces and in the Boer Wars as well as First World War. (Gallipoli & Middle East). He seems to have been a Sergeant Major prior to WWI, being located at Bulli then Murwillumbah. He left Murwillumbah for Enoggera Encampent. Although he appeared to have been previously part of A Battery Royal Australian Artillery & A Battery NSW Artillery, however on WW1 he became part of the predominantly Queenslander 5th Light Horse Regiment in November 1914. More – 1, 2
      • Family of Christina Woolley nee Hicks – 10th child of Captain Henry Thomas Hicks JP
        • Sergeant Harry Julian WWII RAAF record – 1st husband of Muriel Lucy Woolley, daughter of Christina Woolley
        • David William McKenzie record – 2nd husband of Muriel Lucy Woolley, daughter of Christina Woolley
      • Captain Henry Thomas Hicks Jnr – enlistment details /  WW1 Service period 1914-1920 – Pre WW1 – WW1 – Western Front – Post WW1 – more 
      • Family of Edith of Florence Joy nee Hicks 12th child of Captain Henry Thomas Hicks JP,
        • Kenneth Charles Joy – son of Edith Florence Joy (nee Hicks)   – Naval  Service Number – 6056. This record shows his date of birth in 1901 yet the NSW BDM records it as 1902 (refer 3698/1902) – so perhaps he put his age up. He started and ended on HMAS Tingira, the Naval Training Ship. He also served on the following Naval ships – Sydney, Warrego, Franklin, Brisbane, Cerebus, Adelaide. Kenneth died relatively early, leaving a widow Marjory, and 3 children, who were all looked after by Legacy.
        • Cyril Ross Adams – husband of Joan Lois, 2nd grandchild ofEdith Florence Joy nee Hicks – served in New Guinea and Borneo in WWII – Service Record – more detailed. As with Kenneth Charles Joy it would appear that Ross put his age up as well. After Ross’s death Joan was a member of War Widows Guild and the Woonona Bulli RSL Laurel Club.
        • David John Christian – husband of Kerrie Anne, daughter of Joan, 2nd grandchild of Edith Florence Joy nee Hicks – member of CMF which preceded the Army Reserve Forces
        • John Alfred Callcott – grandson of Edith Florence Joy nee Hicks – National Service in Royal Australian Navy in 1951-59 era – see Nasho Nominal Roll 5019 NS
      • Family of Ida McKenzie Webb nee Hicks – 13th child of Captain Henry Thomas Hicks JP
        • Frederick Henry Webb WWII record – son of Ida McKenzie Webb
        • Douglas Bradford Stuart – WWII  record – husband of Ida McKenzie Webb’s daughter Gwyneth Mary Emily Stuart
        • Gerald Robert Bruce Knox – WWII record – husband of Ida McKenzie Webb’s daughter Ida McKenzie “Mac” Knox
        • John Willis Godwin Jnr  served in both Army & RAAF – WWII – husband of Ida McKenzie’s daughter Lois Joy Godwin
      • Richard Ernest Hicks –  WWII Service in CMF – record –  looks like he dropped his age by about 7 years to enlist in WWII
        • James Alexander Morley WWII record – husband of Richard Ernest Hicks daughter Marjorie Mary Morley
        • George Little WWII record and afterwards – husband of Richard Ernest Hicks’ daughter Thelma Little
        • Sergeant Victor Callaghan WWII RAAF record – husband of Richard Ernest Hicks’ daughter Daphne Josephine Callagahan
    • Catherine  McKenzie and first husband John Ross’ child
      • John Donald Ross (b. August 24 1873 Palmers Island – d.  September 21 1955 Maroubra). John Ross went with half brother William James Sheather to New Zealand – and they enlisted in the 6th New Zealand Mounted Rifles and fought in the Boer War. 
    • Catherine McKenzie and second husband Henry Sheather’s eldest child and  two youngest children
      • William James Sheather (b. October 26 1875 Palmers Island – d. December 10 1948 Honolulu Hawaii – buried Diamond Head Hawaii) – married 1902 in Auckland New Zealand to Nancy Catherine “Annie” Caffrey. William went with half brother John Ross  to New Zealand – and they enlisted in the 6th New Zealand Mounted Rifles and fought in the Boer War – Service Record via New Zealand Archives .
      • Archibald Hugh “Artie” Sheather (b. December 29 1882 Palmers Island – d. August 12 1918 France). Enlisted in AIF at Kureen Cairns in 1916 – see Cairns Post mention January 26 1916   – 41st Infantry Battalion – Recorded as Missing or Wounded – Killed in Action – buried Heath Cemetery Harbonnieres, France, plot 11 row H grave 17 – mentions in Brisbane Courier December 6 1917 (injured) and Northern Star Lismore November 7 1918  he is recorded on the Maclean War Memorial and on the Australian War Memorial Roll of Honour – Notification to Family – which notes that he had attended Maclean Public School and been active in the Yamba Surf Life Saving Brigade, as well as the Maclean Football, Rowing & Bicycle Clubs.
      • Edward John “Ted” Sheather (b. September 26 1884 in Palmers Island – d. October 20 1918 France). Enlisted in AIF at Toumoulin North Queensland in 1916 – 52nd Infantry Battalion & later 49th Battalion  – Recorded as Missing or Wounded in Action – Killed in Action – Dying of Broncho-Pneumonia in the 41st Stationary Hospital Somme – buried October 21 1918 Villiers Bretonneux Military Cemetery Fouilloy France plot xvii row AA grave 9) – mentions in Northern Star Lismore November 7 1918 and Brisbane Courier December 2 1918  – he is recorded on the Maclean War Memorial and on the Australian War Memorial Roll of Honour – Notification to Family – which notes that he had attended Maclean and Grafton Public Schools and was in the Ravenshoe Rifle Club.
  • Alexander McKenzie and second wife Elizabeth Hanks’ descendants
    • Family of Elizabeth McKenzie and husband Robert Smart Adams
      • Leslie Thomas Markham Adams (b. 18-10-1894 Gundagai -d. 23-5.1957 Sutherland)(S/N 2978 – 2518) – he disappeared in early October 1915 and was listed as a deserter – however he re-enlisted several weeks before embarking to serve in France where he was  reported missing April 1917 from Reincourt & was a POW in Germany – repatriated to England in December 1918 & married in Scotland in 1919 before returning to Australia, where the warrant for desertion was withdrawn
    • Family of Anne McKenzie and husband James Hamilton

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