Others – Alexander Allen McKenzie

Kerrie Note :

I had noticed references to an Alexander Allan McKenzie originally of Ross Shire and living on the Jenkins Berkeley Estate  in various family history references – and not surprisingly there was some confusion with Alexander Allan McKenzie and the sons of Angus McKenzie and wife Mary McIntosh. It is my understanding that they are not part of our Illawarra McKenzie family descended from Angus McKenzie and wife Mary McIntosh

Then a fellow member of the Illawarra Family History Group mentioned some McKenzie folders that had been left in the Family History Room of the Wollongong City Library Reference Section years ago. These seemed to be research on the family of Alexander Allan McKenzie who had lived at the Berkeley Estate before moving to the Taralga area. So I am posting some of the information from the folder on this website in the hope that someone may know of the missing folder. I have also added additional information on other Alexander McKenzie families, in the Illawarra and Taralga areas that seems to fit with Alexander Allan McKenzie, that I have found while I was researching the children of Angus and Mary McKenzie.

Please note that many MacKenzie-McKenzie’s ended up in the Taralga area and are buried at Stone Quarry cemetery including Alexander Allan McKenzie and his descendants, as well as John McKenzie son of Alexander McKenzie Jnr and his first wife Ann McLean – see Cemetery listing

Alexander Allan McKenzie (b 1796 Scotland – d. 22 June 1871 Taralga – buried at Stone Quarry – burial reference says he lived at Hilton Ross Shire Scotland) married Charlotte (b 1809 Scotland – d 1 June 1886 Taralga) – according to the obituary of his son John Lachlan McKenzie (b. 1826 in Scotland) the family emigrated to Australia when he was about 9 years old which would be about 1835-36.

1841 Census entry – has an Alexander Allen McKenzie (Illawarra) Return No. 286 in Census – was at Jenkins Berkeley Farm – where there were 8 of the family who came to Australia and 1 baby boy who was born in Australia.  Note how the youngest of Alexander Allan McKenzie’s children was called William Jenkins McKenzie – see below family tree below.

There was the 1856 death of Alexander Allan McKenzie’s second son, Downie McKenzie  (b abt 1824 Scotland – d. 1856 Berkeley) – death notice  – more – mentions Grandfather Mr A McKenzie of Hilton Ross County Scotland – anotherdeath notice says  Tritton County Ross Scotland.

On February 15 1858 A A McKenzie contributed to repairs of the Scots Church in Wollongong.

An A A MacKenzie is mentioned in a petition for creation of  a Southern Illawarra Council on February 17 1859.

Then on September 19 1859 there is support for a candidate Joseph Ritchie for position of Alderman on Central Illawarra Council by A A MacKenzie and John L MacKenzie.

According to the Illawarra Mercury March 26 1861 the family had previously lived at the Berkeley Estate of Jenkins.

John Lachlan McKenzie’s obituary also mentioned that the family moved to Taralga about 1860.

  • John Lachlan McKenzie of Fassifern (b.1826 Scotland – d.1923) – never married
    • Kerrie Notes – the following may refer to John Lachlan McKenzie of Fassifern
    • In 1922, a Pioneers Gathering Day was held and included a John McKenzie – at 93 years of age – he was the oldest pioneer  present – note – yet to determine how he fits with the abovementioned John McKenzie.Here’s some of the stories of that day –


      Speaking on Saturday at the celebration of the 152nd anniversary of  the landing of Captain Cook, Sir Wm. Cullen said: “We should be proud of   the pioneers, who by their courage and  energy have helped to make Australia what it is to-day.”

      Taralga is not only proud of her pioneers, she honours them.What was probably a unique gathering, as far as New South Wales is concerned, took place at Taralga on   Saturday, when the pioneers of the district were entertained at a dinner by  a committee representing the remaining residents of the township and  district. The following were the veterans present: John Barry, aged 89 F. Baxter, 75 J. Bee, 70 C. Blay, 70 Walter Bradbury, 87 W. H. Bradbury, 79 J. Cameron, 70 Chas. Chalker, 81 Ted Chalker, 71 John Clifton, 73 Jas. Connor, 84 J. Cooper, 72 R. Cusick, 75 Geo. Corby, 69   J. Cosgrove, 69Mat Daulton, 84 Thos. Fitzgibbon, 83 M. Fitzgibbon, 77 T. Gorman, 71 Pat Hearley, 82 W. Home, 72 T. Horne, 70 Jas. Keogh, 86 T. McAlister, 69 Alex. McDonnell, 80 Angus McInnes, 72 Alex. McInnes, 82 J. L. McKenzie, 93 Chas. McKenzie, 80 K. McKenzie, 75 Colin McKenzie, 69 R. McLennan, 72 P. Mooney, 74 J. Ross, 76 C. Ross, 74 F. Sullivan, 69 J. Venn, 73 J. Williams, 77 W. M. Wright, 76

      The oldest, Mr. J. L. McKenzie, bears his 93 years most ably, while the youngest, Mr. Colin McKenzie, is a boy of 68. Scotia thus headed and “tailed”   the fine procession which filed into the hall and sat down to an excellent dinner. Cr. C. S. Bradbury presided, and in an eloquent speech paid a tribute to the courage and hard work of the pioneers. Cr. Walsh supported, and the toast of “The Pioneers” was drunk amidst great enthusiasm. Among other toasts honoured were “The Pioneer Ladies of the District.”

      Mr. John McKenzie, the oldest of the veterans, who arrived in Richlands in 1861, responded to the toast of the day, and Messrs. James Connor, A. Mc Innes, and Charles Ross also spoke. Speeches were also delivered by the Rev. Mr. Bramble, Mr. C. Keith, Mr.T. M. Chalker, Dr. Lyons, and others. After the banquet a photograph of the group was taken. The people wholeheartedly went into the matter of entertaining the veterans, and the response of those who were invited was most encouraging. The lunch was prepared by Mrs. Spence, of the Argyle, and favourably known as that good hostess’s reputation is, on this occasion she excelled herself. On arrival at the hall the guests of the day were met by Crs. Bradbury and Walsh, and Messrs. A. E. Swan, M. Fitzgibbons, J.P., J. Alders, J.P., and others and treated to refreshments.

      They  then dispersed themselves around the hall, old friends meeting old friends, recalling old and stirring incidents of the 40’s, ’50’s, and ’60’s.

      “You and I,” said two men, well past 80, “went picking up fleeces at Lothbridge’s woolshed at   Rockwell about 1855.” “Do you rememher the cricket match we had about 1860?” said “Sandy” McInnes; “W. H.   Bradbury and Walter Bradbury, both  present, were there, and Rory McKay   wearing a Scotch cap was fielding at   long-on when at catcher came his way, and he caught it his cap.” But they were mostly horsey men in their day and generation. Practically every man had done his 100 miles almost straight  on end for doctor or clergyman, and Paddy Hearley (82) had ridden from “Lambing Flat” to Taralga in a day  getting home in good time, and not hurting his horse.

      And didn’t every body remember the races on Humbug Flat, near Taralga, when the prizes   weren’t very big, no bookies, and every horse was a trier, and nobody thought  a horse worth owning unless he could   do a two or three mile gallop. And  later on Davis Hannabury had “Bare   bones,” that won hundreds for him, and later still Hillas had “Macaroni,” and Martin Gallagher, recently deceased, used to ride in Taralga.

      All the pioneers present, down to the  last one, are sons of the soil. John L. McKenzie, of Fassifern, the father of the gathering, is 93 now, and is 83 years out. “I came in ’89, and George-street was nothing much to look at then. My  family later went to Illawarra, but then, aosnow, the would-be-settler could  not get on the land, and one of the worst droughts the State has ever seen  was just about winding up. Work was scarce, wages low. The progress of  Macquarie’s day had given place to the  stagnation of Gipps’ term. After a spell at the Snowy, the family came to Richlands and still no land available only in isolated blocks of 80 acres, till Robertson’s Land Act of ’61. And so this wonderful old man, who signs his name and writes letters with the facility of a   lawyer’s clerk, tells his tale.

      “How old is Will ?” I asked. “Oh, the baby, he was born on the 1st January, 1850.”   And John Barry, of Hill Crest (89), is   hale and hearty, able to eat like a boy,   and till very recently could ride about  the Cookbundoon Ranges. “
  • Downie McKenzie  (b abt 1824 Scotland – d. 1856 Berkeley) – death notice  – more – mentions Grandfather Mr A McKenzie of Hilton Ross County Scotland – another death notice says  Tritton County Ross Scotland
  • Jessie McKenzie of Burra Creek Taralga  (b. 1827 Scotland – 1900) – married Kenneth McKenzie (b.1841 ?- d. 1901 ?? – 1923 ??).
    • Flora – did not marry
    • Kenneth (b. 1848 ? – d. 1939) – Burra Creek  – Obituary – buried at Stonequarry
    • Downie (b. 1858 – d. 1939) married Mary Charlotte McKenzie (b.1875 – d. 1970) – Tyrl Tyrl
      • Beatrice (b. 1915 – )
      • Janet Downie (b. 1919 – )
    • Daughter
    • Daughter
  • Kenneth McKenzie of Jerrong (b. 18?? – d.18??) married Flora MacDonald (b. 1843 – d. 1901)
    • Mary Charlotte McKenzie (b.1875 – d.1970) married Downie McKenzie (b. 1858 – d. 1939)
      • Beatrice (b. 1915 – )
      • Janet Downie (b. 1919 – )
    • Charlotte (b. 1876 – d. 1965) married John Howlett (b. 1878 – d. 1955) – Yalbraith
      • Flora
      • Molly (Girlie)
      • Jack
      • Maxwell (b. 19?? – d. 1973)
      • Leslie (b. 19?? – 1973)
    • Margaret Gordon (b. 1879 – d. 1950) married Philip McKenzie – Yalbraith
      • Edith (b. 1914 – d. ) married Jock Robinson
      • John Lachlan McLeod married Joyce Webster
        • Margaret Burnadett
        • Mary Annabel
        • Dorothy Rhonda Jean
        • John Kenneth Alexander McLeod
      • Alexander John (b. 1881 – d. 1901) – died of appendicitis
      • Kenneth (b. 1883 – d, 1928) married Sadie Bradbury at Bulli
      • John Godfrey (b. 1887 – d. 1891) – died of eating green plums
  • Charles Alexander McKenzie at Yalbraith (b. 1841 – d. 1923) – Yalbraith – never married
  • Flora McKenzie of Burra Creek (b. 1847 – d. 1933) – never married
  • William Jenkins McKenzie of Yalbraith (b. 1850 – d. 1928) – never married

5 Responses to Others – Alexander Allen McKenzie

  1. Rod McInnes says:

    I’m a relative of this family, through Flora McDonald, and I am originally from Taralga. I know members of the current generation listed above from Taralga. Did you manage to make contact?

  2. Rod – not yet though whoever owned the folder may have long given up on it. Do you know anyone who is doing family history in the Alexander Allen McKenzie family. I also included Alexander Allen McKenzie’s line on this website even though they are not related to the other Alexander’s- mainly because there is some confusion probably arising from the fact that they and/or their descendants lived in the same places at the same time – viz Berkeley Estate in the Illawarra and Taralga. Although I have wondered if there were any marriages between the different families over at Taralga at some stage ? cheers KAC

  3. Rod McInnes says:


    One of my school bus friends (& a relative) from 50 years ago was doing some research, but I’ve not been in contact for some years. I’ll give her a call. McKenzie genealogy around Taralga is very difficult as there are multiple families. I’m related to two unrelated McKenzie families and have close contact with a third. The family above as you’ve no doubt seen, has at least two instances of McKenzies marrying McKenzies, which makes tracing difficult, and I think involves a fourth family. I don’t know the answer to your question, but failing direct contact, the local history society http://taralga.net/index.php/taralga/taralga-historical-society is very good with making connections.


  4. Mister B says:

    Hi Kerrie,

    Based on the “History of the MacKenzies”, this Alexander Allan McKenzie is associated with the MacKenzies of Hilton. I know “History” is not perfect – what genealogical book is. I am aware of some of the issues with naming and marriage issues this book has. Basic naming stuff like surnames spelt differently like Thomson instead of Thompson, Wald instead of Wadd. Marriages being presented differently one chapter, an uncle marring his niece another has him correctly marrying his cousin.

    The “Some MacKenzies Pedigees” does a good job of fixing some of this bugs. But with the “Hilton” family it stops at John / Beatrice.

    I’m from the Gairloch branch and have been slowly rebuilding my tree based on both books, bdm from on ancestry, Alexander Allan is my 2nd cousins 5x removed

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