Convict Connections

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Our McKenzie ancestors arrived Free, as assisted Bounty Immigrants, in Australia in 1837, ie within 50 years of the start of the NSW Colony in 1788. Back on the Isle of Skye they were probably part of a highly interconnected gene pool. However as their descendants dispersed in Australia, this interconnectedness became ever more diluted.

And with the McKenzie’s arrival being so early, it’s probably not surprising that we are going to find some of the descendants of our McKenzie forebears intermarried with descendants of convicts. And this has continued on down even into recent generations.

So far, the direct convict ancestors identified date as far back into the First Fleet arrivals, including:

  • First Fleet – James Bradley, Matthew Everingham,  Caroline Laycock, John Nichols, Mary Parker, John Small
  • Second Fleet – Thomas Bates, Elizabeth Rimes, Mary Pardoe, Mark Turner
  • Third Fleet – Sarah Barnes

Most of these convicts were in NSW, rather than in Van Dieman’s Land, however one Henry Adams, was sent to the short-lived and little known settlement of Fort Wellington. This settlement lasted only from 1827- 1829, and was located at Raffles Bay on the Cobourg Peninsula in the Northern Territory – there were three other such settlements in the Northern Territory.

So far the identified convict connections across our McKenzie family tree include the following :

Alexander McKenzie Snr

  • son Donald McKenzie
    • son Lachlan McKenzie
      • daughter Mary Elizabeth Bell nee McKenzie
        • daughter Ivy Bernice Coote – married Aaron Glendwyr Coote, and Aaron’s mother, Sarah Coote nee King was believed to be the granddaughter of Thomas King, who arrived as a convict on the Guilford in 1812  – 1, 2, 3, . Thomas married in 1816 to Margaret ?, and possibly she may have been a convict or a daughter of convict(s) ? Although it is possible that Thomas and Margaret never married ?
      • daughter Virginia Pearl McKenzie married Leslie Royal “Cliff” Butler, whose ancestor was Irish Rebel convict of 1798, Laurence Butler, a cabinet maker. Barbara Butler, wife to one of Laurence Butler’s descendants, has produced extremely comprehensive documentation of Laurence Butler and his possible connection to the Ormond Butler family of Kilkenny.

Alexander McKenzie Jnr

  • son John McKenzie
    • son George William McKenzie married Irene Everingham, descendant of First Fleeter Matthew Everingham (1, 2, 3, 4, ) and his Second Fleet convict wife Elizabeth Rimes (1, 2, 3, ), First Fleet convict Caroline Laycock & her Second Fleet convict husband Mark Turner, as well as later convicts John Goddard,
    • son Archibald McKenzie married Margaret Eliza Howarth, descendant of convicts John Howarth (1, 2, ) and his convict wife Mary Ann Saunders (1, 2,  – note it appears that John and Mary were married before they were separately transported),  also of convict William Marmont  (1, )
    • son Charles McKenzie married Emily Jane Howarth, descendant of convicts John Howarth (1, 2, ) and his convict wife Mary Ann Saunders (1, 2,  – note it appears that John and Mary were married before they were separately transported), also of convict William Marmont (1, )
  • daughter Mary Hicks nee McKenzie married Henry Thomas Hicks, grandson of convicts Richard Hicks (1, )and Margaret Howe (1, ), Thomas Brain (1, ) and Anne Daley (1, ) and step grandson of Thomas White (1, ) who married Margaret Howe. Henry’s maternal aunt Sarah Mary Hurst Herbert married Joseph Herbert, son of First Fleet convicts Deborah Ellem (1, 2, 3, )  and husband John Herbert (1, 2, ), a partner in crime with another First Fleet convict in the family tree – John Small
  • daughter Catherine Sheather Ross nee McKenzie 
    • son Thomas Henry Sheather
      • daughter Daphne Joyce Sheather married Charles Edward Philp, great great grandson of First Fleet convict John Nichols (1, 2, 3, )and his convict wife Anne Pugh (1, )– ie descended through their daughter Sophia Philp(s) nee Nichols. and also from Sophia’s husband, convict Alexander Philp (1799 – 1862) (1, 2, )
  • daughter Elizabeth Adams nee McKenzie married Robert Smart Adams, son of convict Henry Adams and also a grandson of convict Hannah Stanley 

Neil McKenzie

Ann McKinnon nee McKenzie