The Mackenzie Clan

Angus and Mary McKenzie came to live in the Illawarra in the NSW Colony, having left the Isle of Skye in Scotland in 1837. We, their descendants,  are part of the Mackenzie Clan, one of the old powerful Clans of Scotland. And like many Scottish names, the spelling of their Clan name can vary – Mackenzie, MacKenzie and McKenzie – I’ve even seen McKinzie.

The MacKenzie Clan motto is: “I shine, not burn”

Castle Eilean Donan - of Clan Mackenzies Loch Duich Ross-shire - the MacRaes were the Constables of Eilean Donan for the MacKenzies

Castle Eilean Donan – of Clan Mackenzies Loch Duich Ross-shire – the MacRaes were the Constables of Eilean Donan Castle for the MacKenzies

The fortress castle, Eilean Donan, in Ross Shire, in the Western Isles of Scotland, is one of the historic strongholds of the Mackenzie Clan. It stands at the junction of three lochs – Loch Long, Loch Duich and Loch Alsh.

Eilean means Island, and a saint, St Donan, lived on the island, hence the name Eilean Donan, Island of St Donan – this was from the Seventh Century when Christianity was being introduced to the Western Isles.

Robert the Bruce is believed to have been given refuge there by John MacKenzie, Second of Kintail in the 14th Century.

The MacRaes have been Constables, or Custodians, of Eilean Donan since 1509,  as they were the bodyguard of the Chief of Kintail – known as the “MacKenzies Coat of Mail”. By the 17th Century they were considered one of the most powerful clans, and their chief, MacKenzie of Kintail, was raised to Lord Seaforth by James VI.

For a few hundred years Eilean Donan was in ruins, however it was finally restored, and is now considered a “must-see” for members of the Mackenzie Clan, to visit when they are in Scotland. Kerrie and David Christian visited Eilean Donan during a tour of the UK in 1987, when they travelled to see places associated with Kerrie’s Great Great Grandmother, Mary Ann McKenzie (Isle of Skye),  and UK First Fleet  Great Great Great Grandparents John Small (Birmingham) and Mary Parker (Duke St London).


8 Responses to The Mackenzie Clan

  1. Richard Jayzen says:

    Which sept do you belong to?

  2. Deborah Crook says:

    Hi Illawara McKenzie Family,
    I am one of two granddaughters of Maggie Stichnoth (nee McKenzie) who was born at Ellangowan. youngest (I think) of the family – I have a photo of Great Grandma Mc Kenzie, her Mother and my Grandmother’s oldest sister, with her daughter Dorothy ie my Grandma’s niece. My mother is Maggie’s oldest daughter Meg (now 95). her younger sisters were Helen and Ailsa (both now deceased).

  3. Debbie gentner says:

    Looking for John Mackenzie who married a Mary Macleod from Stornaway they had two children a John that married catherine Boyd Harkins (Kate) in Ottawa Canada a man named Donald McDonald stood up for them in their wedding and a daughter know as Mrs James Allen.
    John and Catherine had another John in Canada then moved to Michigan and had another so Malcolm.

  4. David C Mackenzie says:

    David Cameron Mackenzie

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