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According to one source on the passenger list for the William Nicol of 1837, Angus McKenzie arrived without children – was allocated to T. Thompson in Wollongong. Angus’ age was given as 50 years, yet in the 1841 Census he is listed as 60 years of age at Springhill (near to Mt St Thomas) – so perhaps he dropped his age to qualify as an assisted Bounty Emigrant.

Eldest son Alexander McKenzie Snr arrived with 4 children and was also allocated to T. Thompson in Wollongong.

The list does not indicate where Alexander McKenzie Jnr nor Neil were allocated – however as each of their first Australian born children were born in the Illawarra in 1839, perhaps they were also allocated to the Illawarra. Also there are details for Alexander Jnr at Springhill, ie death of family members in the 1840’s.

There is some suggestion that Angus and Mary McKenzie also had at least one daughter, Mary, who had married Donald McKinnon in Scotland and that they had also sailed on the William Nicol in 1837.  The above-mentioned passenger list gives two Donald McKinnon’s on the Isle of Skye – one arriving with one child, the other arriving with three children. Further that Donald McKinnon had a brother Neil McKinnon who may have emigrated to Australia at the same time.

It must have been quite a voyage which took its toll on the passengers’ health, especially the children – refer UK Archives for William Nicols 1837.


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